Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein Episode 3 Geo TV 23 July 2016

Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein Episode 3 arises on 23rd of July. Watch Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein Episode 3 in HD on here. Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein is the latest drama serial aired on Geo TV channel. The drama got the attraction of the viewers and become very popular. You can watch all episodes of this Pakistani Drama Serial Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein in HD here.

Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein Episode 3

Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein Episode 3 Full HD:

In the previous episodes you watch Nawairs engagement; her cousins hurt their feelings about her. Raza went to Nawaira’s house to share his feelings about her but fails. Nawaira is very confused about the personality of Shariq.

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In Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein Episode 3 Nawaz’s family is interesting to fix the wedding date. Nawaira’s family is also very happy with the happening. The wedding date is fixed just after one month.

Nawaz’s mother invite Nawaira for shopping where Nawaira feels that Nawaz’s mother is not happy with the happening. She share the situation with her family they inshore that after marriage everything will be fine. To know what happened next in the episode watch Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein episode 3 in HD here.


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