Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein Geo Tv Drama Review, Cast name & Promo

Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein is a new Pakistani Drama serial aired on Geo TV channel. Pakistani Drama serial Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein aired 16th July 2016 in Geo TV. Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein drama serial represent the strong story about a family contrary, while drama characters perform their role very well. As we all know that Geo TV channel always on the top to present some true, strong and unique stories in from of viewers and show on the small screen.

The writer of this Pakistani Drama Serial Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein Sumera Shareef Toor is a writer of true and heart touching stories. She wrote many dramas and novel. She is famous in all age of viewers for her hearth touching stories. She got more famous for her novel writing. The director of this Pakistani Drama Serial Ramish Rizvi is also famous for quality of Direction.

That is the reason why peoples like and recommend to watch Geo channel, that is the success of the channel and people show their love. Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein has also strong and powerful characters in this drama serial. The famous drama serial that telecast on Geo TV are Shaam Dhalay, Manchali, Noor Jahan, Sila Aur Jannat and many more.

There are many super stars performing their roles in this Pakistani Drama Serial Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein. The main characters of this Pakistani Drama Serial are Anum Fayyaz, Shahzad Noor, Ahmed Majeed and Fawad Jalal. These are the characters that will entertain you in this Pakistani Drama Serial.

Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein Review


  • Anum Fayyaz
  • Shahzad Noor
  • Ahmed Majeed
  • Fawad Jalal

Writer: Sumera Shareef Toor

Director: Ramish Rizvi

Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein Drama Promo:

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Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein Drama an Overview:

Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein is actually a story of cousins, the young ones. The writer trying to exposed those factors which are very important in a family relationship. The main theme of the drama is love and interest.

The drama starts with an engagement party. This is a family party, everyone enjoying the party. This is the engagement of Nawaira with Nawaz her cousin. Everything is looking stalled there. The Nawaz’s mother is not happy with the engagement.

Nawaira is very descent and obedient girl. She is very pretty and straight forward girl. She lives with her family mother, brother and her brother’s wife. Everyone in the family respects each other, that why they lived a pleased life.

Nawaz is also a very obedient boy. He lived with his mother, father and a sister. This family is also very happy with their life. Nawaz has an academy through which he finances his family.

Shariq is Nawaira’s step cousin; he is madly in love with her. Nawaira is unaware about his interest. She visits at his home for inquire her sick aunt.

Raza is also Nawaira’s cousin. He is also in love with Nawaira since childhood. He is younger than Nawaira. This affects Raza’s relationship with his fiancé Rimsha, because she is aware of his infatuation. Consequently, Rimsha develops resentment for Nawaira

Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein is a love rectangle, where Nawaira is getting engaged with her cousin Nawaz which hurt her cousin Raza and Shariq.

What will be the future of Nawaira and three men in her life? Will Shariq able to prove his love? Will Raza able to share his emotions for Nawaira with her? Who will be the life partner of Nawaira in the serial?


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