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Yalghaar is a new upcoming Pakistani film 2016. Yalghaar is near to release in 2016. Director and producer of the film Yalghaar is Hassan Waqas Rana. How can we forget about Hassan Waqas, he has been the producer of one of the biggest and revolutionary movie WAAR. And Waar made the history all over the world and that was a block buster Pakistani movie. First trailer of the movie Yalghaar has been released few days ago and we attach the video link of Film Yalghaar 2016 for your watching you can watch here. According to the producer of this film, he said this is one of the most expensive movie in the history of Pakistani Film.


Producer of Yalghaar film Hassan Waqas Rana discussed with media, He said that:

“I am so awfully pleased of the fact that Pakistani movie Waar is regarded as the genesis of this uprising of Pakistani film industry. That is more important than all the gold in Fort Knox. As a producer I would desire a bigger and higher response than Waar, but the reality of factors in this enterprise is that we are unable to predict anything. One can always wind up with the most expensive “Home Movie” ever made rather the most successful one.”

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Yalghaar Official Teaser | Hum Films Presents | A Hassan Rana Film | Story

The Story of Yalghaar movie depicts Pakistan Army Operation started in 2009 in Swat. This movie is closely focuses on the activities took place during the operation. Yalghaar revolves around the deeds and sacrifices that Pakistan Army made for repossession of the land from the terrorists. Film hero is Shan Shahid, while Ayesha Umar, Adnan Siddiqui, Humyaun Saeed and Sana Bucha are also playing central roles besides.



  • Shaan Shahid
  • Ayesha Omer
  • Humayun Saeed
  • Sana Bucha
  • Adnan Siddique

Director, Producer, Writer: Hassan Rana

Production Company: MindWorks Media

Budget: 50 Crore Rupees

  • Shaan Shahid perform a main role as Colonel Asad in Special Services Group of Pakistan Army
  • Humayun Saeed as Trojan Militant
  • Adnan Siddiqui as Imran
  • Aleeza Nasser as Fareeha
  • Mansoor Ahmed as Captain Mansoor
  • Ayub Khoso as Col. Jogezai
  • Gohar Rasheed as Baran
  • Armeena Khan as Kajo
  • Hassan Rana as Major Gen. Hassan
  • Ayesha Omer as Zarmina
  • Bilal Ashraf as Captain Bilal

While in debutants

  • Sana Bucha as Sadia, a Reporter
  • Uzma Khan as Captain Samia
  • Sikander Rizvi
  • Umair Jaswal as Captain Umair
  • Ahmad Taha as Captain Asif
  • Rehan Seerat as Captain Adnan
  • Naeem-ul Haq as Jalal Khan
  • Wali Yousaf as Captain Abdullah

Releasing Date: Coming Soon…

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