Wafa Geo TV Drama Review – Cast name – Timing – OST

Wafa is new Pakistani Drama serial which is on aired Geo TV from 12th April 2016. Wafa is a pure Pakistani drama serial.  Here we will describe you full description of this new Pakistani Drama serial. It is completely different story from other usual drama Serials. It is the story of two to three families which belongs to middle society of our Pakistani cultural and one family is from elite class peoples.

Wafa is the story of a girl named Wafa. She is a very innocent and decent girl. Wafa have a simple small family in which her father Shakir Ahsaan and mother and her younger sister Named Maham lived. They were living happily but an incident happen in their family and their life became very sad ugly. Her father died due to major heart attack because his company bears a huge loss of millions of rupees. He took the loan for this consignment and other party refuses to take consignment due to defective things in their delivery.



  • Babar Ali
  • Mansha Pasha
  • Maryam Effendi
  • Rabia Abid Ali
  • Wahaj Ali
  • Nousheen Shah
  • Manzoor Qureshi
  • Mehboob Sultan
  • Rashid Farooqi
  • Farah Nadir
  • Irfan Motiwala

Writer: Shamim Baazil

Directed By: Furqan T. Siddiqui

OST: Zamad Baig

Wafa Geo TV Drama an Overview:

In Wafa Drama Serial, Mansha Pasha is playing the role of Wafa. Rabia Abid Ali is playing the role of mother of Wafa and Maham. Maryam Effendi is playing the role of Maham small sister of Wafa. Wahaj Ali is playing the role of Hashir. Hashir and wafa love each other very much. After the death of Shakir Hassan all loan taken by him have to pay his family because their house paper was there on behalf of loan Mr. Daniyal gave the loan to Wafa father. Babar Ali is playing the role of Daniyal.

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Daniyal look Wafa in the hospital to first time and he liked her without knowing that she is daughter of Shakir Ahsaan. Daniyal is a big business man who only loves wealth not people but after watching Wafa he was love with her. Daniyal sends the notice to Wafa to pay back their loan or leave her home. Wafa and her family was very worried because they were nothing just their home.

No the other hand Maham and Omair loves each other from the college days. Omair family was very greedy but he was not that type. His family refuses to marry with Maham to Omair because Wafa and her family did not fulfil the conditions about dowry. Wafa family was not in condition of doing marriage of Maham.

Daniyal put some suggestions in front of Wafa to fulfil his requirements. First were that she and her family will leave their home and other was to do marriage with him. Wafa became shocked to listen this because she was not excepting this marriage proposal. He took some time to think about this. After few days she said that she will marry him and Daniyal also said her that marriage will be secret to the world. On the other had Hashir was very worried about Wafa because he truly loves her. Wafa did not respond him because she did not want to put him in this trouble.

To know what will happen next in this Pakistani Drama Serial watch it on our site. We will describe all episodes with videos. You can know why Daniyal was taking his marriage secret to the word without knowing the Wafa family. Will Wafa survive in front of Daniyal? Will she hides all this from her family and Hashir? To know the answers of all these questions watch all episodes on our site.


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