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Udaari is a new Pakistani Drama serial that is aired on Pakistan popular channel HUM TV on 10th April 2016. Udaari has a unique story and its going well. It become popular among people and overall the Pakistan. Udaari is written by famous writer Farhat Ishtiaq, She wrote many novels and successful drama serials. In this Drama serial Bushra Ansari plays role as Gawai named Sheeda and Urwa Hocane role as Meera and she is her daughter and she is a student of school she did not like this work but their source of income is singing by door to door.

She likes Rehan Sheikh role as Ilyas and Sumiya Mumtaz role as Sajo she is a cook of Farhan Saeed’s house and she is widow and Ahsan Khan role as Fayyaz he is the friend of Sajo’s Husband he came from Dubai. Farhan Saeed role as Yash and he is a singer of Band in this Serial.

Udaari Review


  • Urwa Hocane
  • Farhan Saeed
  • Bushra Ansari
  • Sumiya Mumtaz
  • Ahsan Khan
  • Rehan Sheikh

Director: Mohammed Ehtashamuddin

Writer: Farhat Ishtiaq

Producer: Momina Duraid

Production: Momina Duraid Production & Kashaf Foundation

Original SoundTrack OST: Farhan Saeed & Hadia Kiani

Udaari An Overview:

In this Drama Udaari, Meera’s voice is Adorable but don’t like this profession. Once she went to Yash’s house with her mother for singing. There was a boy named as Aslam teasing Meera while she went for dinner. Bushra Ansari shout and quarl everybody. The Owner of house came and gave payment to Sheeda and finish all the matter.

Meera wanna marry with Ilyas and stay away from this environment because Ilyas is an owner of workshop and his family is very establish rather than Meera belongs to very poor family. Ilyas’s family don’t like Meera’s family. Fayyaz purposed Sajo for marry she shout and said you are just like my brother Finally Sajo decided to marry Fayyaz at the marriage of Sajo Meera perform dance. Ilyas angry with Meera due to performing dance.

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Yash’s Brand member Farwa left the band due to parents strictness and Yash and other members of band very depressed. Finally the day of recording the song in front of channel Farwa run away from house and perform their performance.

Meera meet Ilyas and Sheeda saw and said to Ilyas to marry with Meera. He talk to mother that he wanna marry with meera but his mother shout but Next day Ilyas mother went and insulted Meera and her mother.

Meera went to Sajo’s house at that time Sajo was not at home and Fayyaz incising Meera she run and come home Sheeda shout but nobody can believe Meera and her mother. Ilyas’s Mother engaged Ilyas with anti’s daughter and send sweets to Meera’s house and she invited Meera to her house for singing.

Meera went to meet Ilyas for confirm the news of engagement he admit. He refused to marry her. He told her that he can’t marry her she cried and realized that her mother is one and only human that loves her. She told story to her mother and said that next time she also go for sung. Her mother became very happy. At the function of Village Meera sings a song.

While she was singing Yash’s friend Milli come and listen the voice of Meera and much impressed and decided to Farwa replaced by Meera. She went house and call to friends and brother. And also told them about her but they can’t believe and don’t agree for her but Milli forced them about Meera. Fayyaz also plan incising to Sajo’s 7 years old daughter named as Zaibo but at that time Sajo came and he can’t.

Kash also agree and decided to meet Meera. Very next day Kash and their brand came to meet Meera. Yash listen the song of Meera but he rejected Meera by her living style. Milli again and again call Meera but Yash angry with Milli by her action and he decided to left the band but Milli sorry to Yash and advised Yash that everybody is equal in this world. Next day Sheeda travelled to Lahore at Milli’s house.

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Watch Pakistani Drama serila Udaari every Sunday at 08:00PM only on HUM TV. If any case you missed your favorite episode of Udaari, you can watch all episode here online and you can watch all drama serial here.

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