Udaari Episode 12 HD Full Hum TV Drama 26 June 2016

Udaari Episode 12 – Here is the most awaiting episode of Udaari Drama serial. Watch Udaari Episode 12 full in HD online here. This is the most interesting and full of emotional episode. Udaari is going to great day by day and now its become popular all over the world. Must say that, this credit goes to HUM TV channel which present this type of drama serial. Udaari has a unique story and has great stars also whose acting is out standing.

Watch Udaari Episode 12 – latest episode of Udaari drama serial 26th June 2016.

Udaari Episode 12

Udaari Episode 12 Full:

As we all know that in the previous Episode 11, Meera band select for the final round performance but at the end Judges call Meera with the name of Farwa, while Meera give no response on that name, she said that her name is Meera not Farwa.

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Now in this Episode 12, Judges decides that Arsh band should be disqualified from the competition, but Arsh Band feel sad and they request them for one chance, on this one judge agree to give them a last chance.

But Hadiqa Kiani said that, we’ll give you last chance on one condition, you have to sing for only 45 second, if you will be good and your band impress us we will select your for final selection.

SO after the performance, Judges become very impress and they admire with Meera voice and group performance they selected them for final band.

For more detail and unfold the drama serial  you have to watch Udaari Episode 12 full in HD online here.


Watch Pakistani Drama serial Udaari every Sunday at 08:00PM only on HUM TV channel. If any case you have missed your favorite episode of Udaari, don’t worry at all you can watch all the episode of Udaari drama serial live here in HD.

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