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Pakistani Drama Tum Meri Ho started from 3rd May 2016 on popular TV channel ARY Digital. Tum Meri Ho drama is written by a great writer Samina Ejaz, She wrote many popular dramas like Meri Soutan, Adhuri Orat, Khata, Guriya Rani and many more. While Tum Meri Ho directed by Najaf Bilgrami who is a great director, he directed many dramas like Apki kaneez, Naraz, Guman, Jhoot and many more. Get Tum Meri Ho OST is become so popular in Pakistani Television Industry and also in media with a great lyrics and great combination of musics. Get Full OST Track of Tum Meri Ho and enjoy this song.

The story is about two brothers. Brothers are Aijaz Aslam role as Mustafa and Faysal Qureshi role as Zayan. Mustafa is genius than Zayan that’s why parents love and give attention to Mustafa rather than Zayan. And Sarah khan role as Mustafa’s wife named Anna.

Tum Meri Ho


  • Sarah khan
  • Faysal Qureshi
  • Numan Ejaz
  • Azra Mahnoor
  • Gel-e-Rana
  • Shazia Naz
  • Humaira
  • Nida Mumtaz
  • Amir Qureshi
  • Shahzad Nawaz
  • Zainab Qayyum

Produced: Aijaz Aslam

Director: Najaf Bilgrami

Writter: Samina Ejaz

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Tum Meri Ho An Overview:

In Tum Meri Ho, This is story about two brothers who love with same girl and from childhood parents like Mustafa Rather than Zayan that lose the confidence of Zayan. Zayan start job in university as an accountant while his father is a big business man. In duration of job he like Sarah khan role as Anna. After one year of his job Mustafa came to Zayan and said that now left this job and handle our business. Zayan replied that father gave business to you not me and I wanna job in university more due to Sarah. But he don’t discuss with him. Match maker show Sarah’s pictures to his mother for Mustafa and she agree that we want to go at Sarah’s house for relation. She likes Sarah too much and done for marriage.

At the mehndi of Mustafa Zayan saw Anna as a bridge he shocked and want shouted but his friend stopped him. He went house and cried and said that I will kill Mustafa. Zayan make fire in Mustafa’s room and burn Mustafa’s hand. At the day of marriage Zayan make plan to kill Mustafa. On the road Zayan stop the car and said that the fault in car Mustafa came and anybody shoot him. He admit in hospital and became in suave situation but save. But Zayan was sad to see Mustafa save. Mustafa’s anti said that Anna is unlucky for Mustafa.

Anna worried for Mustafa and all time spend in hospital. She came house for change dress at that time she saw tickets for honey moon she Dysart. Mustafa discharge from hospital and came to house but he is paralyze. Anna’s mother came to meet Anna and Mustafa’s anti said that Anna go with your mother but Anna cried and said I don’t wanna go to home. Mustafa admit to physiotherapist Zayan’s mother said that I want to go Mustafa but Zayan said we went tomorrow. At that night Zayan and Anna went hospital late night. Zayan’s mother to Anna.

Next morning when Anna slept Zayan came to her room and put flowers on bed. Zayan’s mother see him and came to room and shouted on Anna and unclasp her. Zayan was much disturbed due to his mother’s reaction he don’t take lunch or dinner. Next day Anna went to hospital. Anna’s behavior was very rude with Zayan he came mother and asked his mother told him. Zayan make drama and said she is like my mother my elder sister. Next day his mother went to her house sorry to her. Next day at hospital Zayan press the breath tube of Mustafa and his condition became out of control. After some days Mustafa’s improved himself. They all were happy expect Zayan.


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