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Tum Mere Kya Ho is original Pakistani drama serial which is on aired on PTV Home. In This Pakistani drama serial Mikaal Zulfiqar is playing the role of Ahmar, Sajal Ali is playing the role of Hina. Kiran Haq is playing the role of Maheen Zubairi. Eshal is playing the role of Hira which is daughter of Ahmar. Hina is playing the leading female role in this drama serial. Ahmar is playing the leading Male role and Maheen is playing the supporting female role in this drama.

Tum Mere Kya Ho

Director:              Siraj Ul Haque

Producers:          Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi & Mikaal Zulfiqar

Writer:                 Mehrunnisa Mustaqeem khan

Network:             7th Sky Entertainment


  • Mikaal Zulfiqar
  • Sajal Ali
  • Kiran Haq
  • Umar Rana
  • Ali Muhammad
  • Eshal
  • Naima Khan
  • Saima Saeed Malik
  • Dania Anwar
  • Shahnawaz Zaidi
  • Khalid Butt

Tum Mere Kya Ho Drama Review:

This Pakistani drama serial starts with Ahmar standing alone in his home. His wife Sadia died some days ago. His sister came whose name is Ani which was there after the death of Ahmar wife. He has a daughter whose name is Hira. Hira is 8 years girl. Ahmar is a business man in that city. Tum Mere Kya Ho Drama has two families at first. Maheen is the former love of Ahmar.

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Hina is the only one daughter of her parents. Her mother also died a few years ago and she lived with her father. Her father is the senior accountant in Ahmar Company. Ahmar give him his father title and she also loves and take care him. Hina father wants to do marriage. He often lived in sickness. His sickness increases with the passage of time. Her father fixed her marriage with a middle class family and they were very greedy people. They want house of her father in a dowry. On day of marriage they broke the marriage. After that shocking incident Hina father died an all responsibility of Hina put on Ahmar.

Tum Mere Kya Ho is a describing all the information of our society which is happens in our country. After that Hina settled in Ahmar home and his daughter Hira. Hira don’t want to make any body in her mother place. One day her teacher was studying a lesson and she tell her that she is like her mother and makes a huge blunder on that thing in the school and school authority call her father Ahmar. This Pakistani drama serial has many more things that you want to know. Hira made Hina her friend and they adjust each other. Hira also adjust her with Hina. Hina loves Ahmar but did not tell him.

After some days Ahmar previous lover Maheen come in his home because recently know about the death of Ahmar wife Sadia. She creates very disturbance in Ahmar and Hira as well as Hina life. She wants to marry with Ahmar. She was also a modern girl. Ahmar also give her a very warm welcome in his home. Maheen did not like Hira and Hina and she asked to Ahmar that Hira will go a board school. But Ahmar did not agree with that thing.

To know what happen next in this Pakistani Drama serial you must watch Tum Mere Kya ho only on PTV Home. Will Maheen will success in her mission? Will she marry Ahmar and what happen in Hina life? And also what will be happen with Hira in the presence of Maheen.


Watch Pakistani Drama Serial Tum Mere Kya Ho on every Thursday at 8:00 Pm only on Pakistan’s famous channel PTV Home.

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