Tum Kon Piya Drama Review – Urdu1 Drama

Tum kon Piya is novel based story basically focuses on three families. These three families belong to different status in the society. First one is Tum kon Piya drama serial mainly starts is Elma Family in which Ayeza Khan is playing the Elma’s role and also Elma is the main heroin of drama serial. This family is very poor. Elama mother died before a years. All responsibilities of home are under Elma and her father Waqar Hassan. She is the big daughter of Waqr ali (Qavi khan) and Elma have two small sister. Elma is very polite and good daughter of her father and also managing the whole house work alone. She loves her sister and father very much.

Tum kon Piya


  • Ayeza Khan
  • Imran Abbas
  • Qavi khan
  • Hina Khawja Bayat
  • Azra Mohiudeen
  • Ali Abbas
  • Kiran Tabeer
  • Sharmeen Khan
  • Faria Sheikh
  • Mehmood Akhtar

Director: Yasir Nawaz

Writer: Maha Malik

Producer: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Network: 7Th Sky Entertainment

Drama OST: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

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Tum Kon Piya – An Overview:

The second family belongs to Elite class in which three main persons are seeing in the drama serial. First one is Ramish (Imran Abbas) is the son of Muzaffar Hassan (Mehood Akhtar). Ramish is very nice guy in the drama serial and also works in his dad firm. His father did not give bonus to their employees and Ramish stand with employees and convinced his dad. Waqar Ali is also second cousin of Muzaffar Hassan and Waqar Ali is employee of his cousin. Muzaffar did not behave well with waqar ali but ramish Hassan respect him like his father. Hina Khawja Bayat is playing the character of Ramsih mother in the serial. Ramish is the main hero of drama and elma is heroine of drama. They are second cousins and love each other very much from first episode of the drama. Ramish father did not want that he do not go the waqar ali house because they are poor and are not from our status. Elam father wants to marry as soon as possible because he wants to get free gron his daughter’s responsibilities.

The third family story is from middle class people in which belongs to zarbab family. Zarbab is a mother, a sister and a small brother. Zarbab is the only person who does the job and feed up his family. Zarbab mother is very old minded lady who is very careful about her son. There is also one other family which are neighbors of Zarbab. Javeria is the friend of zarbab sister which is his neighbor. Javeria lives her mother and father. Zarbab and javeria likes each other and they want to marry together. But zarbab mother did not like javeria because of her mother. Javeria mother is also a clever women who wants to marry Javeria with Zarbab and their plan are very dangerous about Zarbab Mother and sisters. Zarbab is very fearful from his mother.

So this  serial is telling about all societies living in the our country. Some families are poor so much that they cannot afford a single bike and some families are very strong that every member of home has personal car and also have a driver. These type of drama are trying to watch their audience full attention and also gives them very good message about the world, humanity and as well as society. The dialogues of this drama are very from the Elma to Ramish Hassan. Ramish become unanswerable to Elma great speaking technique.


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