The Butt Show host Ahmed Ali Butt – Eid Special Shows 2016

The Butt Show – ON this precious Eid ul Fitr 2016 Ahmed Ali host a new special show The Butt Show on HUM TV. This show will be full of entertainment, excitement, thrill and games. In Eid Special Shows 2016 Ahmed Ali Butt perform a phenomenal performance in ARY Film Awards 2016 on mimicry session of the singer the famous singer on social media Taher Shah and hosting two awards shows this year,

  • PAS Awards 2016
  • HUM Awards 2016

Now Ahmed Ali is hosting a new show by the name of The BUTT Show this Eid on HUM TV.

Eid Special Shows 2016 The Butt Show

The Butt Show host by Ahmed Ali Butt:

This special show on this Eid program to be aired on the first two days of Eid ul Fitr 2016 with the beautiful actress Sohai Ali Abro and the handsome Humayun Saeed as the first two guest on Eid first day while Maria Wasti and Behroze Sabzwari as the guests for the second day of Eid.

Well we can say after watching promos of this show It’s a talk show with lots of fun and elements include in it, breaking the typical style from all the typical talk shows this one involves the guests in odd situations and games giving a candid insight on their personal lives.

When this show are going to lunch Ahmed Ali Butt talk to media about this Eid Spcial Show 2016, He said that:

“I am honored to be hosting this show on this Eid first day and second day on HUMTV. This show will be a fun based show with lots of talking and I thank all my fans for liking my performance and supporting me. I promise to continue making everyone laugh with my talent.”

Here is the some snaps of this show, hopefully you must enjoy this pictures

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So i must say that, don’t forget to watch this Special show on Eid ul Fitr 2016 which presented by HUM TV.

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