Teri Chah Mein Drama Review – Cast name – Timing

Teri Chah Mein – This is all time favorite drama serial by public and viewers they are always ready to watch this drama serial Teri Chah Mein. The drama serial Teri Chah Mein aired on Pakistan favorite and most famous Television channel ARY Digital it produced all time favorite drama serial like Pyaray Afzal, Hum Safar and many more. This drama serial has a unique drama story from other drama serial, it has strong characters which are playing brilliant acting on the screen. The main leading role plays in this drama serial has Farhan Saeed as Faisal.

Teri Chah Mein

Teri Chah Mein has working in under the direction of famous director of Abis Raza and no doubt one of the best writer Samina Ijaz, she is great writer who write great novels and drama serials for many channels and publishers. Well we are going to introduce the story about this drama serial, first we will discus about the cast of this drama serial.

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  • Saboor Ali
  • Maria Wasti
  • Faryal Mehmood
  • Farhan Saeed

Director: Abis Raza

Writer: Samina Ijaza

Teri Chah Mein Drama Review:

In the cast of Teri Chah mein Saboor plays role as Zara, Maria as Mehwish, Faryal as Amber and last but not the least Farhan Saeed as Faisal.Love has no limits, in love age, status, cast, religion doesn’t matters. Teri Chah Mein is a story of a some the love that has no boundaries.

Mehwish who is a middle aged married woman, she has two kids – Zara and Kashif. Zara is engaged to her cousin Faisal and loves him a lot however he loves his aunt who is Zara’s mother. He admires her to the extent that eventually he ends up marrying her. Will decision ever put his mind in peace or will it constantly haunt him?


Watch Pakistani Drama serial Teri Chah Mein every Wednesday at 08:00PM only on ARY Digital channel. If any case you have missed your favorite drama serial episode of review you can easily watch all the latest and new drama serials episode and their reviews.

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