Sila Aur Jannat Drama Cast and Review on Geo TV

The best Pakistani TV channel Geo presents a new Drama serial Sila Aur Jannat. The Writer of the Drama Sila Aur Jannat is basically shows a flank of Pakistani Culture in which people lives in a combine family and have some step family members. The same situation is created in this Pakistani Drama Serial Sila Aur Jannat. Widow Rubina marred with her company accountant Zaman to protect her and her two daughters Sila and Jannat. Rubina and Zaman blessed with two more offspring Sarah and Saim. The two innocent and polite Sila and Jannat faced series of misfortunes and enter in a dark tunnel of life after the marriage of her mother Rubina. Anoter tyrannically role is performed as a mother in law of Rubina, who is polite with Sarah and Saim but very cruel to Sila and Jannt.

Sila Aur Jannat


  • Lubna Aslam
  • Afshan Qureshi
  • Saleem Iqbal
  • Imran Aslam
  • Kinza Hashmi
  • Arooba Khan
  • Sara Umair
  • Malik Raza
  • Sidra Rao
  • Maryam Tiwana
  • Akhtar Ghazali

Writer: Muhammad Wasiq Ali

Director: Syed Imran Ali

Sila Aur Jannat Drama Review:

All the casting of This Drama Serial Sila Aur Jannat is very talented and hard working. Some famous name and their role is defined as: Lubna Aslam performs as Rubina, Afshan Qureshi performs as Daadi, Saleem Iqbal performs as Zaman, Imran Aslam performs as Humayun, Kinza Hashmi performs as Jannat, Arooba Khan performs as Sila and Sara Umair performs as Saba. The production team is very much pleased about the performance of the actors.

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The writer of this Pakistani Drama Serial Sila Aur Jannat is actually represents a frank of Pakistani Culture, in which if a woman is widow said to be very weak and helpless in society. The same situation is created with Rubina who has two daughters. For the protection of Rubina and her two daughters Rubina married with Zaman. Zaman is ready to marry Rubina because of her wealth.

This Pakistani Drama Serial is about the story of the two sisters Sila and Jannat who are very similar to her mother. Jannat have very innocent, polite and simple personality.  Jannat is busy all the time in home work like cooking and cleaning the house. The other Sila is somehow a spoke person but her voice has no value in front of her stepfather and step grandmother. Both Sila and Jannat live as a servant in their own house because of step family. Rubina sees all the happenings but she bear all the misbehavior from Zaman and Daadi. As the Drama precedes it realize that Zaman is very greedy person. He drinks and goes to casino. He also falls in love with his friend sister Saba.

This Pakistani Drama Serial starts as a girl pressing cloths. The girl is faint hearted. She talks herself that I can’t complete my work and everyone scolds me. Suddenly a man invokes Jannat where are you why my dress is not ready yet. A girl invokes Jannat where is my black coffee. A boy invokes where is my juice Jannat. Jannat serve juice and coffee in a trey and go to deliver it but unfortunately strike with a woman who is her Daadi. Daadi scold Jannat very much. This is the beginning of Drama as the Drama proceed you will see how hard is to live in a family where you have no respect.


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