Shaam Dhalay Drama Cast Geo Tv Pakistani Drama Review

Shaam Dhalay is Pakistani drama that shows the culture of Pakistani people and the friendly relationship between each other is presented in it. The Drama Shaam Dhalay is written by Shumaila Zaki and Abeer Maher, they try most powerful and very effective miner to represent the culture of Pakistan. This is the great achievement of them. It also represents the great love between Pakistani peoples. The Pakistani Drama Shaam Dhalay is Directed by Nadia Afgan and produced by Babar Javed.

Shaam Dhalay


  • Usman Peerzada
  • Marjan Fatima
  • Shah Fahad
  • Khalid Butt
  • Fiza Ali
  • Parveen Malik
  • Nadia Afgan
  • Rashid Mehmood
  • Wajeeha Khan
  • Haris Waheed
  • Tehfoor Khan Niazi

Writer:              Shomaila Zaki & Abeer Mahar

Directed By:    Nadia Afgan

Shaam Dhalay Drama Review:

In this Drama Sham Dhalay marriage function e.g. Dance, Dramas the function of Mehndi and different functions of Pakistani people are presented. The ups and down of life are also presented in this drama, this is very good and very interesting drama. This drama tells that how people are dependent on each other and how they control the entire situation which they face. How their relative helps them to solve the problems for their better life.

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The Drama also teach us if we face this type of problems then we should react in better miner to solve this better and if we can’t try to handle in a best way then the hurdles will increase. This teaches us how we should face the problems. It really follows the real life of a person. As define ago the main story is that The Alina is most important person in this drama when his dad death is occur, She take care his family and She also face hurdles due to his own station. When they learn main story about his father before his mother and father marriage. According to this story there father has wife before and also they have one boy which born from another wife. When the division of property is occurred they realize the effect of this story. When they face with his brother he was married. And his wife is so greedy. One more thing is that, they know that the house in which they live is registered on the Khazir Name. They shocked, and see that they have no facilities which they have before in their life. After some time they come into their house to live with all of them, Due to greedy habits She throw all of them out of house when his husband not present in house. In this situation Alina protect his family, especially Shanzay who can’t understand all these things and she also don’t forget his father. In their life his father also loves him very much. This is also the begging of this drama, this Drama Shaam Dhalay also going to interesting phases, in further episodes it’s also will be much more interesting. The actors of this drama serial are very hard working which are trying to perform it in better way. This Drama gives lesion to face all problems without any confusion because every problem can be solved. And it also tells that only one person can change many peoples life.


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