Sehra Mein Safar Cast name, OST, Review, Timing

This Pakistani Drama, Sehra Mein Safar is premiered on Hum TV channel on 18th December 2015. This is the story of a simple girl who likes being in a house. She is a very domestic type of girl who never stepped out of home. She also dreams of getting married like other girls.

Sehra Mein Safar


  • Ali Kazmi
  • Zarnish
  • Emmad Irfani
  • Anoushey Ashraf
  • Aiman Khan
  • Lubna Aslam
  • Shehryar Zaidi
  • Humaira Zaheer
  • Rimsha
  • Farah
  • Ayaz
  • Qurrat-ul-Ain
  • Faheem Azam
  • Fajr
  • Wajid Kazi
  • Hania Naqvi
  • Afraz Rasul
  • Esha Noor
  • Shaman Bashir

Writter:     Sarwat Nazir

Director:   Azfar Ali

Producer: Momina Duraid

Music: The song of “Sehra Mein Safar” is produced by Momina Duraid and it is written by Sarwat Nazir.

Sehra Mein Safar An Overview:

In the cast of Sehra Mein Safar, main role has Ali Kazmi as Ayaz while Zarnish as Iqra, Emmad Irfani as Shehryar, Anoushey Ashraf as Annie, Lubna Aslam as Fouzia, Shehryar Zaidi as Farooq and last but not least Humaira Zaheer as Aliya. Relationship between these characters are, Ayaz has a relation (Iqra’s Cousin, Farooq’s nephew and fauzia’s son), Iqra (shehryar’s second wife), Annie (shehryar first wife), Fauzia (Ayaz’s mother and Farooq’s sister), Farooq (Ayaz’s uncle, Iqra’s father, Aliya’s husbend, Fauzia’s brother), and the last Aliya (Iqra’s mother, Farooq’s wife).

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This Pakistani Drama depicts the story of a girl named Iqra, who is a domesticated sort of person. She never stepped out of her home. She likes home making and believes in helping her family. She also dreams of getting married and settle down with her partner like other girls. Iqra is a daughter of Farooq & Aliya, and she has a younger sister Asma. There is a great understanding between them. Her family goes through financial crisis. Farooq gets a heart attack. The Farooq’s friend suggests that Iqra should do a job, so in order to help her family. Farooq’s sister Fauzia who has two sons Taimoor and Ayaaz. Taimoor lives in UE, while Ayaaz lives with his mother. Ayaaz likes Iqra but he hasn’t found his dream job yet. Before Farooq’s health problem, Iqra gets proposal from her friend Shagufta’s brother named Kamran. Her parents believe that Kamran is more eligible than Ayaaz for their daughter because he earns 80,000 a month. When Farooq is in hospital, Ayaaz goes out of the way to help their family. For this Farooq and his wife get convinced that Ayaaz is better than Kamran. In the meanwhile, Iqra start her job. Iqra takes the responsibility of her family and her mother starts getting comfortable with her earnings. Shagufta once again approaches her but this time for Asma, because Kamran doesn’t like working women. Her mother accepts the proposal. Because of Asma’s wedding, Iqra changes completely. At this point, Iqra’s co-worker Shahryar comes in her life and starts affecting her. Iqra decides to get married with him instead of Ayaaz. Things are going more difficult in her life.


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