Sangdil Drama Cast, OST and Review on Geo TV

 Sangdil is a story of two stepsisters. Their names are Sofia and Zoobia. The mother of Zoobia passed away. In this Pakistani Drama Serial Sangdil Farkhanda is the mother of Sofia. Sofia looks like her mother. Sofia is good in nature. But she looks ordinary. Sofia is ignored by his family. Sangdil is a very close and suitable title for this Pakistani drama. Zoobia is a good girl in behavior and is very simple. She is paid full attention by her family, because her mother is passed away. Zoobia is the star for her father eyes.



  • Qaiser Khan Nizamani
  • Nazli Soomro
  • Kiran Haq
  • Ghana Ali
  • Naeem Haque
  • Hamad Farooqi
  • Faisal Naqvi
  • Mehak Ali
  • Gul-E-Rana
  • Hajra Khan

Writer:                 Sadia Akhtar

Director:              Asad Jabal

Sangdil Drama Review on Geo TV:

This Pakistani drama Serial Sangdil Everyone in the home like’s Zzobia. But she does not like any person. She works according to her anti. Her auntie is very narrow minded lady. She teaches wrong ideas to her. This is the reason she can’t like her family. One day Sofia asks his grandmother to tell the story of her father. Why her father got second marriage? She tells Sofia that his father loves with Zoobia mother. But we force to marriage with your mother. He got marriage but after some time we hear he has done second marriage. Your mother said to bring him in this house. When he is coming with her an accident is occurred. She died at the spot. Then he takes Zoobia with him, in this house.

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Shahzaib is playing the role of actor in this Pakistani Drama serial Sangdil. She loves with Shahzaib, but her father doesn’t like him due to his profession.  One day an old lady with his son come in his neighbor house. Zohaib is the name of his son. When Sofia sees him, she falls in his love. When Zohaib saw her sister Zoobia, he falls in her love.  But she didn’t give any importance to him. After some time Zohaib mother come to confirm marriage of Zoobia with Zohaib. But Zoobia can’t be interested. She decides to escape away from her house with Shahzaib. Due to leave of house Zohaib and Sofia Marriage is done. But Zohaib can’t be interested in Sofia.

After some time the love of Shahzaib and Zoobia go away. Shahzaib gives devoce to Zoobia. On the other hand Zohaib and Sofia become good couple. They decide to become good husband, wife. They decide to live happily with each other. They decided to go in different cities of Pakistan for entertainment. When they are coming from tour, they saw Zoobia on the rood in very bad condition. They bring her in hospital. Zoobia asked to Sofia that, she didn’t tell her father. Touseef Ahmad also wants to call his daughter back. When she goes away with Shahzaib her father’s miss him very much.

Zoobia told her sister, after some days Shahzaib sell her gold, car everything which she bring with her. Then he comes to meet with Mr.Toseef Ahmad .He said for deal but Toseef Ahmad no hears his any talk. He said I couldn’t give him anything. He thinks it is use less for him. Then he give divorce to her.


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