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Roshni Pakistani drama serial which is telecast on GEO TV channel. Geo TV channel brings up another motivational soap which is full of entertainment. This channel always supports women in all stage and provide the positive script. This drama serial is on injustice. Maham Amir playing the lead role of this drama serial as a Roshni. She has the optimistic approach in her dealings. Watch this drama online then you will know that how people face many problem and injustice in the society.

Roshni Pakistani Drama Cast

Roshni Cast & Crew:

  • Sajid Hussain
  • Nazli Nasir
  • Kamran Jillani
  • Shan Baig
  • Sara Razi
  • Husna Ali
  • Mohsin Gilani
  • Mehek Ali
  • Maham Amir And Others

Director: Asad Jabal

Producer: Babar Javed

Writer: Edison Idrees Masih


Roshni Pakistani Drama Story & Review:

All the story of this drama serial is revolved behind the girl which is born in the middle class family and face many problems in society. Roshni (Maham) is the brave girl and stand for the injustice. Another hand, Zameer Sb family who has two sons and two daughters. Zameer wife loves with the youngest son and ignores the elder brother. So Elder son Hassam is handicapped due to his mother negligence.

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Hassam wants that ha his younger brother marry with Maham but he like another girl and his family caught both on the hotel. So Hassam decides that he marry with Maham but now maham family does not agree on this relation. His father said that he will never agree that his well-educated daughter marries with handicapped boy Hassam. Amman feels insulted and decides to get revenge with Maham.

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When Maham family married her to the other family, on the day of marrying Hasam and Assam comes into Roshni home and the Barat goes away. At the end, Maham marries with Hassam.

So now what would be Maham life when she goes to the sasuraal house that already hostilities towards her?

Watch this interesting drama serial which is full of twisted and a character played the significant role in this drama serial.


Watch Pakistani Drama Roshni only on Geo TV Channel every Monday to Friday 9:00 Pm. Don’t miss you watch this drama serial online from here. All episode are uploaded here.

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