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This is a story is based on a woman named Pakeeza who married to a Jibran, Jibran cares less about his wife and family. Pakeeza‘s friend named Azeem Who always encourages and supports her in every difficult situations. The serial depicts the married women who are discouraged and treated badly by their husbands. Pakeeza is a Hum TV drama serial that is started from 11th February 2016.



  • Ali Khan
  • Adnan Siddique
  • Aminah Sheikh
  • Angelline Malik
  • Khalid Anam
  • Iqra Chaudhry
  • Sohail Hashmi
  • Sarah Asim
  • Awais Waseer
  • Faseeh Sardar
  • Maryam Tahir

Writer: Bushra Ansari

Director: Misbah Khalid

Producer: Moomal Entertainment

Pakeeza Drama Review:

In the cast of Drama serial Ali khan perform a role as Jibra, Adnan Saddique as Azeem, Aminha Sheikh as main role Pakeeza, Angeline Malik as Naima, Khalid as Ahmer and many more.

The drama revolves around the woman, who is a painter and housewife. Her paintings are good and she is awarded many times in the media because of her talent.

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She is married to Jibran. Jibran is a money oriented banker, who cares less about his wife and beats her a lot because she has fame. Pakeeza is just a means to an end for Jibran, who never appreciate her work and takes pleasure in insulting her in front of others. Pakeeza, A 35 years-old graceful and attractive painter is a mother of a 15-years –old daughter named Kiran. She is irritated of Jibran torturing Pakeeza day by day. Kiran, is depressed in listening to her parents’ fights. She is the best friend of Naima, who later becomes her sister-in-law as Naima’s brother Jibran comes in her life. She finds solace in her friend Azeem  who helps her in every difficulty. Jibran has a sister Naima who is married to Ahmer and has a daughter. Ahmer has a brother Azeem who is friend of Pakeeza. Azeem is always encourages her in every step of life, he always support her in difficult situations. The drama’s song is based on the song Dhoondo Ge Agar by Abida Parveen.

“The Drama serial covers the deprivations of married women who are discouraged or ill treated by their husbands.”


Watch Pakistani Drama serial Pakeeza every Thursday at 8:00pm only on Pakistan famous’s channel  Hum TV.

If case of any problem, or missed any of the episodes of Pakeeza you can watch them here. We will provide you complete episode of this drama here. Stay tune here for latest episode and information of the episodes of HUM TV.

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