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We are going to present you a love story in which the key role is Noor Jahan. This drama will be telecast on Pakistani channel Geo TV. Noor Jahan story contains emotions, hate, love, respect, jealousies and compassion, conspiracies and exposures, fights and struggles, victories and failures. From the historical era of Noor Jahan, it proves that Noor Jahan is a symbol of power, love, romance, ambition and aesthetics. All that love, romance, respect and power of the Noor Jahan is shown in this character, which makes the story more interesting for the entertainers.

Noor Jahan


  • Hassam khan
  • Farhan Ali Agha
  • Naheed Shabbir
  • Zaheen Tahira
  • Shehzad Raza
  • Sajida Syed
  • Kainat Chauhan
  • Soniya Rao
  • Hira Sheikh
  • Wahaj Khan
  • Irfan Motiwala

Direction by: Furqan Adam

Writer: Shabnam Sani

Noor Jahan A Short Story of Serial:

As we know Geo channels network is very popular in Pakistan for the quality production of entertainment via dramas, talk shows, live morning shows, comedy shows and many more. The viewers expect quality of entertainment from the Geo TV network. To fulfill the needs or expectations of the viewers Geo present a love story Noor Jahan.

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In this story you will watch a whole life of a girl who is very innocent, beautiful, straight forward and having caring personality. In this drama writer and the production of Geo TV network will try to shown the reality of middle standard living in Pakistan. The drama shows the viewers that what are the aims of new generation especially girls of Pakistan, but they are not fully freed to choose their life style. They have to choose the life style through society in which they live. The cultural society of Pakistan is that when a girl is born is said to be a fully responsibility of their Guidant to make decision for the girl, some of the Guidant may concerned with girls but most of the people can’t concerned with their children especially girls. Typically in Pakistan all the decision from the birth of girls to studies, their educational to marriage and their professional taken by their Guidant like father, elder brother, husband most of the occasion without concerning with the girls.

In this drama the production is actually shown the viewers that the concern with children is very important because they have to live their life and this is the main purpose of the drama.

The drama start as shown the family of Noor Jahan her parents (mother, father), brother, brother’s wife and their child and also her married sister with two daughter and mother in law. Her sister’s family lived from hand to mouth with typically Pakistani mother in law. In the starting episode Noor Jahan   went for her friend engagement party where one side she  share with her friend that she have to studied mastered and her aims in life which she have to complete, and she can’t thought about her marriage. In the same episode Noor Jahan was seen by another main character of the drama Salman, who is fallen in love with Noor. Her friend informed Noor Jahan about the feelings of Salman about her. What is the reaction of Noor Jahan after knowing the feelings of Salman, will Noor Jahan also fall in love, will meet again and how they met? How Noor Jahan’s families react when they know? Will they agreed or not? All the suspense will be finished when you watched the drama.


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