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Naraaz is a famous Pakistani Drama serial you can watch it only on ARY Digital Channel. Naraaz story is the realistic story that is based on husband and wife life style. The life of both husband and wife suddenly change due to loss of his business, due to sudden lost in business now he is dependent on his wife’s parents. As all know that, “Pride will cost you everything but leave you with nothing.” Story of a couple Azlan and his wife Fariha. Pakistan best actor Faisal Qureshi performs a role of Azlan and Sara Khan as his wife Fariha. In Pakistani Drama serial Naraaz is one of the most favorite drama serial. Azlan pride and ego becomes his biggest enemy to accept any support from his wife Fariha.



  • Faisal Qureshi
  • Sara Khan
  • Javeria Abbasi

Writer: Mohsin Ali

Director: Najaf Bilgarami

Production: Showcase Productions

Naraaz Drama – an Overview:

Faisal Qureshi as Azlan (Husband of Fariha), Sara Khan as Fariha (Wife of Azlan) and Javeria Abbasi as Ayesha (Employee Friend).

Naraaz is the story of the person who has pride and ego that person is Azlan Ahmed who ran his own business firm very successfully for many years until risk taking, nature of over ambitious and also bad luck always landed him into trouble. The share he invest in crashed and as a result not only did firm is collapse, after that he also had to sell his house in order to fulfill the demand of client.

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A dominating and cheeky man who is willing to scarifies his family for pride. A true relations are the ones that comes up from testing times, Azlan has a endure wife who face all the displeasure of Azlan’s anger and sharpness patiently. Sometimes the pain of being mixed up is grater then the suffering of distrust. Azlan and his wife child are confused and get a deadlock between father’s ego, pride and mother’s love.

Both Azlan and Fariha had a great life wife who he loves and who loves him allot and a son Azar who spend his life and all the luxuries in the world. Azlan works in a business firm and his employee friend Ayesha always stand by him and cover all the meetings and schedule. She clearly feels something more than just friendship with Azlan. She always wanna spend her time with him, she has no time for her family but she does it anyway probably because she know that she can be near with Azlan. While Azlan wife come from middle class family and her look is so simple and innocent while on the other hand Ayesha looks like a modern girl and she speaks English, street smart and she wears Western Dresses. Fariha is simple but she has a strong personality and her husband earns money and his pride and ego show the negative point of view, money is very important in from of Azlan. After all we can say that the strength of Pakistani Drama serial Naraz is that, it is not a typical story for all. The main purpose for a change is a man who doesn’t know about his weakness and is going to learn some lessons about the life after getting hard way. In Naraz you can watch Faisal Qureshi’s best acting only on ARY Digital.


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