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Naimat – Here we present the new latest drama serial review Naimat, Naimat is a latest drama serial that is aired on ARY Digital from 11th of July 2016. As we mention that Naimat is a new drama serial and ARY Digital introduces such a great and excellent stories in the form of dramas. Well Pakistani Dramas are not very popular Pakistan it’s also very famous in out of the countries, Foreign Pakistani’s love to watch these Pakistani dramas there. Naimat is one of them which is very famous not only in Pakistan, it’s also famous in out of the Pakistan.

Naimat Review

This drama has a unique story of newly married couple which a facing different problems. Well we will discuss this story but first we will introduce the cast of the Naimat drama serial and director, producer and of course writer. Without writer drama serial is not start so writer has played an important role while creating drama serial.


  • Zahid Ahmed
  • Sunita Marshal
  • Samina Ahmed
  • Kiran Haq
  • Seemi Pasha

Director: Abdullah Badini

Writer: Naila Ansari

So these are the famous characters which are playing their roles in this drama serial very efficiently. So let’s introduce their characters name Zahid Ahmed role as Babar, Sunita Marshal as Sara, Samina Ahmed has a role of Babar’s mother, Kiran Haq as Zara and last but not the least Seemi Pasha has a role of Zara’s aunty.

So after introducing all the characters and some introduction of the drama we move on the story of the drama serial and review of this drama serial. We see that when a new drama serial introduce everyone is want to know the story about this drama serial and want to know what characters they will see in this drama serial.

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Naimat OST Track:

Naimat Drama Review:

Well, we can see many of couples that live their lives very dull and they face many of problems and hurdles while spending their life together, so is it possible on this situation or on that time these problems bring distance and ignorance between them? But if we see on the other hand some spend their lives very well and happily.

Naimat is the story of happily married couple which is spending their live happily and live together, the couple is Sara and Babar. Sara and Babar both love to each other. But these happily married life not work longer, some surprises of life and problem bring distance for them. The main problem of their life become start when they know their 5 years old son Bilal is suffering from heart disease. When they know that Bilal has heart problem then they become very sad. After knowing that Sara has ultimate reason to taking care of her son Bilal and she always stay with him and fulfil the desire of her son. While this is the main reason of ignorance for her husband Babar toward him, while in heart disease of Bilal, she gives full attention to her son except Babar.

Now Babar fall in love with another girl which name is Zara due to ignorance by his wife and he want to marry with Zara. Well this is the main theme of this drama serial for unfold the complete story of Naimat drama serial you have to watch this drama serial online here.

The question is that would this affair would satisfy for Babar or is it staying for the rest of his life or not?


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