Mohe Piya Rung Laaga Cast name, Review, Timing, Director

Mohe Piya Rung Laaga is the most watchable Pakistani Drama serial aired only on ARY Digital channel. Mohe Piya Rung Laaga is written by Ghazala Naqvi under direction of Asif Younus. Can you tell us what happens when two people who really hate each other and them never want to talk to each other and are group together in a strong relationship which has no escape from any way? Life is brimming with occurrences. Mohay Piya Rung Laaga is an account of Sikandar and Norin who were outsiders to each other and coincidently went over.

mohe piya rung laaga


  • Bilal Qureshi
  • Uroosa Qureshi
  • Akhtar Hasnain
  • Zaiba Shahnaz
  • Rija Ali
  • Sadaf Ashan
  • Parwasha Arbab
  • Ashir Imran
  • Bushra Khan
  • Wahaj Khan
  • Bakhtiyar Ahmed
  • Sabiha Hashmi
  • Saba Khan
  • Iqra
  • Rehan Saeed
  • Fizan Khan
  • Faisal Naqvi
  • Maria Khan etc

Writer:          Ghazala Naqvi

Director:      Asif Younus

Mohe Piya Rung Laaga – Overview:

They generally wind up battling with each other on each arbitrary meeting and detest each other the most yet there are a few fortuitous events in life which appear to be predetermined simply like their marriage.

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The cast of Mohe Piya Rung Laaga is full of actress who has partially divided into different roles and they performance is adorable and extra ordinary. The main characters of this story are based on Sikander and Norin. While Zaiba Shehnaz as Salma, Sadaf as Tasnim, Parwasha Arbab as Maham, Sabiha as Salma, Faisal as Allam and Maria khan as Aizaand. Norin’s mother is searching for Norin’s ideal person match and Sikandar’s mom needs him to get settled in his life soon. They are amped up for their marriage however they are uninformed that they are getting hitched to each other. Sikandar’s sister-in-law; is the fiendish character of the family and Tasnim’s sister is keen on Sikandar. Senior sister of Norin is sweet in nature however insidious in her deeds and Norin’s sibling has a shrewdness wife. Despite the fact that their marriage was a fortuitous event however once in a while the ideal individual for you is who you slightest anticipated that would be.


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