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Mere Khuda – Get all the latest update about Pakisatni Dramas online here and watch Mere Khuda online every episode and review. Mere Khuda was a Pakistani drama serial that is aired on HUM TV channel, which is Pakistan most favorite and watchable channel right now. It present new stories and new characters in its drama serials while it introduce new cast of the drama serial and present young talent in the TV industry of Pakistan which is positive sign for the industry.

mere khuda


Mere Khuda aired on 2nd Feb 2015 at HUM TV. Mehmood Akhtar, Nimra Khan, Agha Ali, Sumbul Iqbal and many more actors have leading role in this drama serial. It had completed 48 episodes and ended on 20th May 2015. The director of this drama serial are Barkat Siddique and written by M.Asif.


  • Mehmood Akhtar
  • Eshita Syed
  • Jahanzeb Khan
  • Nimra Khan
  • Agha Ali
  • Sumbul Iqbal
  • Saba Faisal
  • Javed Sheikh
  • Seemi Pasha
  • Humayun Ashraf
  • Kanwar Arslan

Director: Barkat Siddiqui

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Writer: M Asif

In the cast of Mere Khuda Mehmood Akhter play role as Tania’s father, Eshita as Nadia, Jahanzeb as Ali, Nimra as Saba, Agha Ali as Yasir, Sumbul as Tania, Saba Faisal as Suranya, Javed Sheikh as Ahmer, Seemi as Tani’s mother, Humayun as Aamir, Kanwar as Yasir’s brother. If we discuss in detail about the characters role then Yasir (Agha) acts as the son of Ahmer (Javed) and Surraya (Saba). Tania (Sumbul) acts as wife of Yasir and daughter of (Mehmood) and (Seemi). Aamir (Humayun) acts as the brother of Nadia (Eshita, Second wife of Yasir and son-in-law of Ahmer and Surrahya through his wife Saba. Saba (Nimra) acts as Aamir’s wife, Ahmer and Surrahya’s daughter, Nadia’s sister-in-law.

Mere Khuda Story:

Mere Khuda – the story of Ahmer (Javed) and Surrahya(Saba), who marry to have many sons and daughters. One of their son Yasir (Agha), marries to Tania (Sumbul). On the other side, Aamir (Humayun), marries to Saba (daughter of Ahmer). Aamir’s father collapses but recovers. Second time, He feels Heart Attack and finally dies. Tania becomes pregnant and has a son. Yasir says that he is not the father of new born child.

Tania tries to understand him but he forbids. Yasir divorces only one time to his wife and marries Aamir’s sister Nadia. Another Yasir’s sister, Lubna cuts her veins and finally dies. Tania says him that you have given me only one time the word of divorce, it cannot be. Yasir doesn’t gives. It is said to Aamir that his sister, Nadia has been kidnapped. It shocks to Aamir specially his mother.

His mother dies after hearing the news. Aamir says to his wife Saba that she should live now with her parents. Aamir now becomes alone. Aamir tells truth to Tania about his stealing. Tania comes in pressure but leaves him by her father-in-law’s permission. Yasir then becomes the real father of the new born child.

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