Meher Aur Meherban Episode 5 Full HD 2nd September 2016 on Urdu1

Meher Aur Meherban Episode 5 is available here. Now you can read and watch online streaming of Meher Aur Meherban Episode 5 on our site. Previous episode was as usual in which Shahzaib was trying to access Muzna and she continually rejecting him. He loves truly her and she was also feeling some love in her heart and she did not want to lose her love to tell about their family specially her father character.

Meher Aur Meherban Episode 5

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Meher Aur Meherban Episode 5 Full HD 2nd September 2016 on Urdu1:

Meher Aur Meherban Episode 5 starts from the Shahzaib who was waiting for Muzna in a restaurant. He thanks to Muzna when she came in to the restaurant. He assured from her that no one is in your life and he wants to send his parents in her home for marriage. Her big sister Unaiza was continuously reading she and she asked what happened and Muzna said that there is nothing but Muzna knows that she is in love with Shahzaib. Muzna did not want that this love story will know her father because Shahzaib is a alone son of a big businessman.

At last her father knows about the Shahzaib and her love story. He saw her with Shahzaib in the restaurant. He told her that he is agreed for this marriage because he is very rich man and have lot of wealth. Muzna did not want to this because she wants to see her father loser. Munawar said to his wife that is prepared for a marriage because a family is coming to see the girls and Muzna strait forward denied coming out from her room for this purpose. After that her mother became very sad and her blood pressure become high and she fell down due to this. To know the full story of this Pakistani drama serial Meher Aur Meherban stay tuned our site.


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