Watch Maral Episode 83 on Urdu1 In HD 25th April 2016

In the begging Maral episode 83, Yasir come and meet with his brother and his brother asked him where he was. In Maral Episode 83 Drama Serial, Then he told him that Haris kidnaped him. His brother reply I know but next, he replies I am escaped from there and I saw Haris with our mother then his brother reply what you mean, he said mother come Lona but I can’t know how she informed and Haris come before him and everything open before him brother. His brother said what, yes brother Haris know everything also he know I am son of him, I can’t think so but when I face, I said all which I have in my heart. Brother everything is lost. His brother asked what’s you mean everything is lost. He said everything; I have no thing about revenge.


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Maral Episode 83 on Urdu1 In HD 25th April 2016

In the next seen of Maral Episode 83 Yasir with three kidnapped ladies one of them want to open his mouth, he said him she can’t make a noise then she signal with his head that she can’t Cray .He open his moth and talk with each other, she said please leave both of them they are innocent he said no I can’t do so because they are not innocent, they have signs she want to leave me which was not possible see him she also enroll him.

This is luck she said please see, he said I can’t think so we both live very happy and live with each other for always. I think much more, it was like a beautiful story and it was very happy marge. This is the beautiful marge in the world, you were also beautiful bride of the world, it was beautiful merge for every eye which this merge see, all the people enjoy and dance for a whole night and after that day no one can spread us, we live whole life with each other, happily and peacefully. I demand for large what you said about this thinking. But what you do, if Sameer can’t come then all was right. She said before the God no relation of him with all of this. He said what you talk, he do this all and also your my wife. Everything he lost. Stay tuned with us and you can also visit Urdu1.

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