An Exclusive Overview of Maral Drama, Cast, Writer – Urdu1 Drama

This is a Turkish drama serial which is dubbed in Urdu and is on aired on Urdu1. This is Pakistan super hit drama. It has two main 2 characters Maral as Hazal Kaya we can say she is heroine of drama and Sarp as Aras bulutlynemmli is the lead main hero of drama. Sarp is the manager of a hotel and luna is also a manager of that hotel. she is waitress of that hotel which works for Sarp. Luna and Aras are ideals of Maral because they are very young and they inspire her very much. Aras is the chocolate head of same restaurant. She wants to become a manager of that restaurant. At last one day his dream becomes true because of one incident. She loves to sarp very much and wants to marry him.



  • Hazal kaya
  • Sarp
  • Gumec Alpay
  • Elva Boran
  • Cankay Aydos
  • Ceyda Duvenci
  • Bilge Onal
  • Firat Altunmese
  • Erdigan Tutkun
  • Reha Ozcan
  • Riza Akin
  • Olgun Sunear

Original Title of Drama in Turkish:

  • Maral En Guzel Hikayem

English Title Of Drama: 

  • Maral My Most Beautiful story


  • Deniz kolos


  • yazi adasi

Turkish Broadcast Channel:

  • Tv8

Pakistan Broadcast Channel:

  • Urdu 1


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Maral Review:

The other manager luna got stuck in difficult situation and wants to leve each and everything of that city and country of also job. Maral help her without any purpose and she finishes her difficulty very strongly. In return luna give her post to the Mara for some days.  Maral takes her responsibility of all work related to restaurant. Due to her important job Maral close her love and focus on her work. This Pakistani Urdu Dubbed Turkish drama has very good acting styles of all actors and has suspense in this drama. After ignoring to sarp, maral feels her love become more and more strong. Maral thinks that this love makes disturbance her work and professional work.  After some time she realize that what will happen if Luna retour to the duty and she will become again waitress. But it goes very speedily and she becomes more popular in her business. She also gives big contract to the restaurant and that restaurant become more popular becomes others.

That Pakistan Drama will tell us what will happen in next how a simple girl changed her life from small waitress to a hotel manager and will Luna came again in previous duty. What will happen next in her life is she survives in those incoming situations or not. Will she achieves her dreams or not. Will she marry to Sarp or not. To know all answers of these questions you will watch this drama on Urdu 1 on every day at 5:00Pm Only on Urdu 1. I hope this drama will tell some new things about our lives which we never explore in our lives. We can also watch Turkish country culture and people reactions because these types of drama serials tell us other country environment and people living style and each and every thing. So keep enjoy watching Maral Pakistani Urdu Dubbed Turkish Drama Serial.


Watch Pakistani Drama Maral on Everyday at 5:00Pm only on Pakistan’s famous channel Urdu1.

If case of any problem, or missed any of the episodes of Maral you can watch them here. We will provide you complete episode of this drama here. Stay tune here for latest episode and information of the episodes of Urdu1.

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