Mann Mayal Episode 5 on Hum TV in HD 22nd Feb 2016

Watch latest Pakistani Drama Mann Mayal Episode 5 in HD online Pakistani Drama HD. Mann Mayal is going to popular among people. Hamza Ali Abbasi perform a leading role with Maya Ali. Watch Mann Mayal Episode here and enjoy your favorite episode.

Mann Mayal Episode 5:

In Mann Mayal Episode 5 you will see, that Salahuddin convinced Mikael to marry Mannu. This episode mostly involved the enviornment of Mannu’s Mayion Mehndi. Mannu escapes from the eyes of her mother and taayi ami to meet Salahuddin just for the last time before she gets married with Mikael. She is not scared after realizing that her family know where she was whole time. Salahuddin did took the step of taking Mannu away.

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Mann Mayal Episode 5

He took the guts to take her just for once. When they came back to home Mannu’s father directly hit on his nerves and his self esteem for not having guts to ask Mannu’s hand in marriage. But he backed out and gave away the Mannu of his dreams to someone else.

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