Watch Mann Mayal Episode 16 in HD 9 May 2016 | HUM TV Drama

Watch latest Mann Mayal Episode 16 here. Mana Mayal Episode 16 in HD you can enjoy to watch latest episode of Mann Mayal episode 16. Mann Mayal is a romantic Pakistani drama that premiered on January 25 2016.

mann mayal episode 16

Mann Mayal Episode 16 HD Full Hum TV Drama:

Watch latest episode Mann Mayal Episode 16 in HD. With the beginning of this episode Salahuddin saw Manu’s Son Tipu in lawn while his grandmother trying to find out tipu, so Salahuddin say to Tipu go to your grandmother she is calling you. After came back to home he saw that his sectary Jeena still there, she was waiting for Salahuddin.

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When he saw her, Salahuddin became anger and he said to his sectary “why you are waiting for me please Go Home”. Manahil talk to Salahuddin and told story about her son Tipu, she didn’t know that she is talking to Salahuddin, while on the other side Jeena Saladuddin sectary falling in love with her Boss Salahuddin.

Salahuddin mother’s call to Salahuddin but he did not received her phone, but when she call in his office than his sectary received call and talk to his mother. Bia call to Salahuddin and told that he became ha Maternal Uncle (Mamu) he become very happy after listen that. Mann Mayal going hit to all over the country. Watch latest episode of Mann Mayal online and enjoy Mann Mayal Episode 16.


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