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Manjdhar – Geo TV Network is too much unique which has released different and meaning full stories day by day. Every Soap has its own story and quality. So there is also much another drama channel which cannot compare with Geo. I always raise the social issue which is common these days. Sometimes people has the own dream and wished but family take the decision and shattered their dream.

Manjdhar Drama Cast

Manjdhar Cast & Crew:

  • Rubina Ashraf
  • Fawad Jalal
  • Humayun Ashraf
  • Shan Baig
  • Benita David
  • Humaira Zahid
  • Fathima Affandi
  • Anum Aqeel
  • Bine Chaudry
  • Hammad Hussain And Others

Director: Syed Muhammad Khurram

Producer: TNI Production

Writer: Nasreen Nizami

Manjdhar Story & Review:

All drama story revolved around the woman Saleema who is over the possessive woman.She wants to marry her children where she wants and always give the order to her children. Children of this woman have its own dream and wished and they want to marry another girl where they loved and spent life with these girls.

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She destroys her children life due to the over possessive and attitude. One of her children become insane after failure in love. All of this happened because of his mother. Now Saleema life becomes miserable and she faces challenged in her life first time.

Now what happened next, you can know all of these after watching the drama serial online from here. It’s the amazing story, you never fell boring during watching this. It’s family drama which discussed the family issue that what happening this day in our society and country.

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Sometimes family over possessive and attitude create the problem in life and children take the wrong decision and this decision effect the whole life. So always listen that what you children want either its good or not for you children.


Watch this drama online on every Monday to Friday 9:30 Pm online on Geo TV network. If you have missed any episode so don’t worry, you can watch here.

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