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Maazi is a Pakistani drama serial start from 21st of January 2016 and aired on Aplus Entertainment channel. Maazi is a story about two lovers, Syed Jibran (Taimoor) and Submbul Iqbal (Romaisa) play main roll in this drama.In Maazi Syed jibran is very talented, Charming and famous actor of Pakistan. Submbul iqbal is also pretty and famous in showbiz industry. Both worked together already in “Mere khuwab reza reza”.



  • Jibran Syed (Taimur)
  • Submbul Iqbal ( Romaisa),
  • Fahim Abbas( Farhad)
  • Sidra Batool( Ginah)
  • Seemi Paasha (Sabahat)
  • Qazi Wajid ( Hamid)
  • Ismat Iqbal ( Kishwar)
  • Khalid Zafar ( Iliyas),
  • Tasneem Ansari ( Sakeena)
  • Aurangzeb Laghari ( Farooq)

Directed by:  Barkat Siddiqui

Written by:   Mansoor Ahmed Khan

OST Singer: Shumail Hussain

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Maazi An Overview:

Taimoor and Romaisa are university friends and both involved in love with each other. Taimoor does not have will power to bring his parents to Romaisa’s home for proposal. So they get married without disclosing it to anyone. Romaisa emphasize him to reveal their marriage to their parents, But Taimoor can’t do this because his parents force him to get married Ginah (Sidrah Batool) who is cousin of Romaisa. Romaisa’s mother and Ginah’s mother both are sisters. Romaisa mother marries her father without parent’s agreement. Romaisa’s father is not financially strong that’s why her family hate him. Ginah’s mother doesn’t like poor people and she is status conscious, also doesn’t like that her daughter make relations to poor relatives, but she financially help her sister (Sakeena).

Finally, Taimoor get married with Ginah due to squeeze of his parents and Romaisa become mother of       his child. He left her in midway. Romaisa gave birth to a baby girl, but his mother told her that child is dead. Skeena give her child to a Nurse.Taimoor and Ginah adopt her child from nurse. Romaisa faced many troubles but she doesn’t lose hope. After Eight year she becomes a good and successful entrepreneur with more efforts. she went to her husband’s house but Taimoor left this house. She went to her cousin Ginah house to meet her mother but where she meet Taimoor. Once again they were in same situation where they left.


Watch Pakistani Drama serial Maazi every Thursday at 8:00PM only on Pakistan’s famous channel APlus Entertainment.

If case of any problem, or missed any of the episodes of Maazi you can watch them here. We will provide you complete episode of this drama here. Stay tune here for latest episode and information of the episodes of Aplus Etertainment.

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