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Pakistani drama serial Maana Ka Gharana in which Sana Javed as Maana, her father Ghalib who is the brother of Malik (Shamil khan). Ghalib is the uncle of Khizer which is Shehroz Sabzwari. Khizer lives in his uncle’s home and he likes Maana very much but Maana sees him as a good friend only. Maana always wanted to get married to a very rich man, who could show her the whole world. Maana does not like the life of village and the environment of the village. She wants to see the city of lights and enjoy the facility of city life. At last, Maana happily married to a Shahryar who is nephew of Malik’s wife Gul Bahar. Shahryar is a rich businessman.

Maana Ka Gharana


  • Shehroz Sabzwari
  • Sana Javed
  • Daniyal Raheel
  • Humayun Gul
  • Shamil khan
  • Zuhab Khan
  • Humayun Fazal Chaudhry
  • Raheela Agha
  • Erum Akhtar
  • Ayesha Toor
  • Ayeza Khan

Writer:     Aliya Bukhari

Director:   Shehzad Kashmiri

Producer:  Momina Duraid

Maana Ka Gharana Story:

In the cast of Maana Ka Gharana different characters are involve in it, Shehroz Sabzwari has a role of Khizer, Sana Javed as a Maana, Daniyal as a Shehriyar, Shumaila as Maalik, Humayun as Ghalib, Raheela as Saleh, Zuhab as a Happy, Erum as a Saleh, Ayesha Toor as a Gul Bahar and last but not least is Ayesha Khan as Sanam. These are the some major characters that perform different role in Maana Ka Gharana.

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Khizer never told Mana about his feelings for her. He shows that he is happy that Maana is getting married to Shahryar. He wanted Maana to be happy. Saleh (Raheela Agha) Zaari’s sister and Maana’s mother also wanted to get married to Shahryar. They thinks that Khizer deserves a much better girl than Maana. Because Maana is immature girl, she is more like a child and Khizer is a well mature boy. Khizer behaves more maturely. Shahryar does not like Maana’s friend Khizer and their friendship. Shahryar start thinking that how he can broke the good image of Khizer in front of everyone. He succeeded in making a plan, he blame Khizer for stealing the expensive diamond ring which he had brought for Maana. Everyone was shocked when they found a ring from Khizer’s room. They asked Khizer to leave the house. Khizer tried to tell them the truth and about his innocence but no one believes in him. It was a rainy night and he was very sad. On the other side, Maana found Shahryar with other woman. She asked about that woman from their servant. He said, she was Saman ( Ayeza Khan). She said, where is she now? He said that she was died after their divorce.


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