Watch Lagao Episode 32 on HUM TV 3rd May 2016

Lagao Episode 32 you will see, that Najma called Nadra and warn her to control Safdar Rana. Safdar threaten herLagao Episode 32 Story of a serial depend on success that how people watch it seeing and main thing which TV. Lagao is a romantic Pakistani drama serial.

lagao episode 32

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Lagao Episode 32 Full Hum TV Drama 3 May 2016

It is premiered on Hum TV from January 18, 2016. Watch Lagao latest Episode 32 online. Abeer got heart attack and Farhan wants to go to hospital to see him. Farhan’mother trying to stop Farhan, because she do not want Sumbal to come back home again. Naila blamed Maham that it is all because of her. On the other side Safdar has been killed by the order of Nadra. Farhan find a new house for Sumbal. Frahan get to know that her mother is involved in all this matter of his divorce and he leaves.

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