Laaj Hum TV Drama Cast – Review – OST Track

Laaj – A latest drama serial aired from 23rd July 2016 on HUM TV Pakistan famous Television channel. Laaj is a brand new drama serial which has different story from other drama serials. HUM TV always presents those stories which a powerful characters and strong story as well. Laaj is a romantic drama serial that is aired on every Saturday at 08:00PM only on HUM TV.

It has a unique story and shot of this drama serial has been taken from rural Sindh while this story is based in rural Punjab area. If we analyze other drama serial which are telecast in the Pakistan Television we can see that most of the stories are base on the urban stories while rural stories seems a bit different.

Laaj review

This drama has too many new actors which perform brilliant work in drama serial. While this drama is directed by Fahim Bureny, that director has expertise in filmi touch. He is working on too many project which are currently work on HUM TV channel, Dharkan is one of them which is directed by Fahima Bureny while on the other hand Kathpulti is also product of Fahim Bureny, he is a producer of this drama serial.


  • Zarnish Khan
  • Kamran Jeelani
  • Iqea Aziz
  • Hafiz Mohsin Ali
  • Asma Abbas
  • Saleem Sheikh
  • Sabeeka Imam
  • Mirza Zain
  • Nayyar Ejaz
  • Haajra
  • Imran Ahmad
  • Muhammad Ashraf Rahi

Director: Fahim Bureny


  • Erum Wasi
  • Salma Wasi
  • Edison Idrees

In the cast of Laaj drama serial Zarnish Khan play role as Zainab, Kamran as Ch Jahanzaib, Iqra as Mannat, Mohsin as Shahmir, Asma as Bari Sahab, Sabeeka as Areesha, Mirza Zain as Shahzeb, Nayyar as Sikandar.

Laaj Cast

Laaj Cast2

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laaj cast3

Laaj Castname

OST Track: Laaj OST produced under the production of MD Production and written by Edison Idrees, Fiction writer. While Sabr Zafar write its lyrics.

Singer: Faiza Mujahid

Composer: Sohail Javed

Lyrics: Sabir Zafar

Laaj Drama Story:

Laaj drama serial follows the story of arrogance. Bari Sahab (Asma) is a head of a house. Her brother-in-law Sikandar (Nayyar) is jealous of Bari Sahab and is against of her. Sikandar has a son, Dilawar (Saleem), who is married and has a son, Sajjad. Bari Sahab has a son, Jahanzaib Chaudhry (Kamran Jeelani) and a son, Shahzeb (Zain). Jahanzeb is eldest and has a daughter, Mannat (Iqra).

Mannat and Sajjad were married initially but are at end of their marriage. Mannat and Shahmir (Mohsin) are secretely in love and want to marry but because of Shahmir’s evil plans that she was forced to marry Sajjad makes Mannat to hate Shahmir but he often visits their home. Jahanzaib was married to Meena whom Zainab (Zarnish) hated but he married. Meena died few years later.

Mannat’s sorrows began from her real mom’s death. Jahanzeb says Zainab to care of Mannat and she does. Zainab is actually in love with Jahanzeb Chaudhry and she expresses but he refuses. Sajjad later divorces Mannat on Bari Sahab’s wish as she always wanted that Mannat shouldn’t marty Sajjad. Shahzeb acts as he loves Zainab but he is in love with Areesha (Sabeeka).

For more story and detail you have to watch Laaj drama serial online here.


Watch Pakistani Drama serial Laaj every Saturday at 08:00PM only on HUM TV. Any case if you have missed your favorite drama serial episode of review about drama. You can visit our site and read Reviews about dramas and watch online drama serials.

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