Khwab Saraye Episode 6 Full HD HUM TV Drama 6 June 2016

Khwab Saraye Episode 6– Get all latest episodes of Pakistani Drama serial Khwab Saraey online here. Watch latest Khwab Saraye episode 6 full in HD quality here. The appearance of new faces like Aiman Khan, Sonia Mishal and Muneeb Jutt make this drama popular and interesting all over the world. The story of this drama based on status discrimination of people in society. Watch latest episode 6 full in HD quality here.

Khwab Saraye aired on Pakistani famous channel HUM TV which is famous for its strong script and interesting stories. Watch more drama serial go to HUM TV channel now.
Khwab Saraye Episode 6

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Khwab Saraye Episode 6 Full HD HUM TV Drama 6 June 2016

In the previous Khwab Saraye Episode 5 we saw that Naina is so upset about her and Faizan relationship future. So, in Khwab Saraye Episode 6 this curiosity and insecurity is at the peak. Faizan tells to her mother about Naina and Abrar sahib doesn’t agree but Sajjad convine him.
On the other side Waheed’s presence make Farrah uncomfortable because she knows his husband’s character very well and feel insecurity for Sania. Abrar Khan comes to Farrah’s home to meet her and to see Sania. He treats her as a servant but Farrah and Sajjad don’t like his father’s behavior with Sania. Fortunately, Faizan’s family goes to Naina’s home for rishta ceremony but this fortune is not permanent.

When Abrar khan meets Baqir sahib as Naina’s father, he becomes angry to Faizan’s choice and tells everyone that her father is a waiter in a hotel and refuses for this rishta and come back. But Faizan don’t come back and do apologies to Baqir sahib.

On the Naina’s pressure Baqir sahib do the Nikkah of Naina with Faizan simply. Faizan takes her to a hotel and tells Naina to keep this marriage secret for some time. Let’s see for how long this marriage will be a secret. For this keep watching Pakistani drama serial Khwab Saraye.


If you want to know that what will be the next in Khwab Saraye then Keep watching Pakistani Drama Serial Khwab Saraye every Monday & Tuesday 09:10PM only on HUM TV. If any case, you have missed any episode of Khwab Saraye don’t worry about that you can watch all episodes of khwab saraye online here.

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