Kathputli Episode 5 Full HD Hum TV Drama 9 July 2016

Kathputli Episode 5 – Get all the latest episode of Kathputli drama serial online here. Watch Kathputli Episode 5 full in HD online here HUM TV drama 9th July 2016. Kathputli is a latest drama serial aired on HUM TV channel and now this drama take a turn and now this become popular in the people of dramas lover. The actors of the drama serial perform good acting and also direction of this drama serial is great.

Kathputli Episode 5

Kathputli Episode 5 Full HD:

In a previous Episode 4, you see that Mehru go with her friend on her boy friend flat, while he was very bad boy and  his colony people is very disturb from him. While in this Episode 5, police come there and arrest Mehru and took her in Police station.

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After that, Mehru mother and bhabi is waiting for Mehru and suddenly Hassam come there and ask about Mehru, He analyze that his mother and bhabi is trying to hide something about Mehru.

When Ehtasham come to home and ask about reason why you all are here together, everything all right? Then his brother Hassam tell about Mehru, She is not in College and they don’t know where she is.

Then Ehtasham cell is ring, call from Police station and Inspector tells that your sister is under arrest.

For unfold the story of Kathputli Episode 5, you have to watch Kathputli Episode 5 full in HD online here.


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