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Kaisay Kahoon is Pakistani drama serial which is on aired on PTV Home. This Drama serial is about to discuss our social and cultural values in Pakistan. Babar Ali is playing the role of Amjid ali, Mikaal Zulifiqar is playing the role of Furqan, Fizza Ali is playing the role of Maryam and Sadia khan playing the role of Nena. Furqan and Maryam are main leading roles in this Pakistani drama serial in half part of drama. In second part Nena and Ahmar are the main leading role in this Pakistani dram serial.

Kaisay KahoonCast:

  • Babar Ali
  • Mikaal Zulfiqar
  • Fiza Ali
  • Sadia Khan
  • Ali Butt
  • Tipu Shareef
  • Mahi khan
  • Sandal
  • Sobia khan
  • Mobeen Khan
  • Saima Khan
  • Jana Malik
  • Khalid Butt
  • Firdous Jamal

Director:              Syed Faisal Bukhari

Writer:                  Nasir Mehmood

Producer:            Ch Ejaz Kamran

OST:                       Nabeel Shoukat & Beena Khan

Kaisay Kahoon Drama Review:

This Pakistani drama Kaisay Kahoon starts with the love story of Maryam and Furqan. They are cousin to each other. One man is has all power under his arms. His name is Aqa Jan and he is also superior or also called judge of their area. He is the big uncle of Maryam and Furqan. And unluckily he engages Maryam with Maher Amjid Ali. He is very bad guy and he loves Jana Malik in this Pakistani drama serial. He wants to become next Aqa Jan of that area. But Aqa Jan was interested with Furqan for next Aqa Jan. Amjid was aware of love story between Maryam and Furqan and wants to marry Maryam because of that seat. Amjid killed the Jana Malik because she was pregnant to his child. When the marriage days came near of Maryam and Amjid, Maryam made a plan to escape with Furqan. But Amjid knows it very well and he caught red handed Maryam and Furqan in their home. And at the spot Maryam denied to Aqa Jan that it was Furqan plan and Aqa Jan said to Amjid that you throw Furqan out of the village as well as city. This was the end of first part and also love story of Maryam and Furqan. After that Amjid marry with Maryam.

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The second part of this Pakistani drama serial starts with the love story of Nena and Ahmar. Ahmar is son of Maryam and Amjid and Nena is daughter of Furqan. He married his secretary after that horrible incident which makes his life very struggling and he settled in a city and grows his business very well in twenty years. Furqan loves his daughter very much. In other hand Furqan sister and his father also remember at every time and got sad. Furqan sister also married with Amjid big brother and have a daughter name Sara. Sara loves with Ahmar and Ahmar and Nena loves each other. Sara and Nena were good friends in university at first but when Sara knows that her cousin Ahmar loves Nena. One day they all plan for a visit to Ahmar and Sara home. Nena met all the members of that family and she also met with her grandfather and she also does not know about anything of this family. Ahmar told his mother Maryam about his love and she also likes her and decided to marry with Ahmar.

To know what happen next in Kaisay Kahoon and what will happen next in the love story of Ahmar and Nena. And what happen if Amjid knows about his son love story. This Pakistani Drama serial is completely tells about the social evils.


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