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Kaala Paisa Pyar is a blockbuster Turkish Drama Serial and is high rated on IMDB with 7.9. It has also on Aired turkey, Arab, Chile, Afghanistan, Indonesia and running in Pakistan successfully. It is very beautiful and mysterious story which have I ever seen.  It is reality based story which around with Omer and ElifTuba, Fatima Gul. Kaala Paisa Pyar is on aired on Urdu 1 Channel from 3rd August, 2015. This Drama has won many national and international awards.

Kaala Paisa Pyar


  • Tuba Buyukustun
  • Engin Akyurek
  • Aytac Arman
  • Erkan Can
  • Tuvana Turkay
  • Saygin Soysal
  • Emre Kizilirmak
  • Hazal Turesan
  • Burak Tandogan
  • Nebahat Cehre
  • Serkan Kuru

Director:              Ahmet Katiksiz

Writer:                 Eylem Canpolat and Sema Ergenekon

Producer:            Kerem Catay

Kaala Paisa Pyar – An Overview:

In the story of Kaala Paisa Pyar different roles perform from different actors Tuba Buyukustun as Elif Denizer, Engin Akyurek as Omer Demir, Aytac Arman as Ahmet Denizer, Erkan Can as Tyyar Dundar, Tuvana Turkay as Bahar Cinar, Saygin Soysal as Metin dundar, Emre Kizilirmak as Levent inanc, Hazal Turesan as Asli Denizer, Burak Tandogan as huseyin Demir, Nebahat Cehre as Zerrin Denizer, Serkan Kuru as Taner. These are the all character that have different role in Kaala Paisa Pyar.

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Omer is leading male hero in this drama serial and Elif is leading female heroine. Ahmet is the father of Elif and he is the milliner of that country. Omer loves Saba who is the fiancé of him. She was a school teacher and also she loves to Omer.  They love each other very much. Omer is very young police officer and has won many medals through his service. Omer brother is also a police officer in high rank. Omer and Saba marriage was almost left two days.

Ahmet loves his daughter very much. On her birthday she came in Istanbul to celebrate her birthday with their parents and they also surprised him in a hotel. Elif also loves very much to her parents. On the end of that party Ahmet leave the party because of an important meeting.

One day Omer went to his friend Adeel in Istanbul, which was also a police officer. He wanted to settle in Istanbul. He was selecting the home in which Omer and Saba will live. Suddenly a message came to Adeel on wireless radio that a car was found with two dead bodies. One is a man and other is a girl. Omer came with Adeel at that spot. They were shocked to see the dead body of Saba with millionaire Ahmet Denizer. Omer was also shocked to see in Istanbul because he left her few hours ago in her home. Some rumors say that Ahmet was a millionaire and Saba was a School teacher. Her affair was with him. First Omer belief that they say right but when he started inquiry he get more points to clear his confusion about Saba. Elif also take part in that investigation.  At first Omer and Elif got quarrel because of wrong statement that was given by Elif.

So this whole story around with Saba and Ahmet murder. This Urdu Dubbed Turkish Drama is going well in Pakistan because of suspense, fighting and also a good story. I have also mentions that it has won many awards almost in every Muslim country. To know what happen next in this Pakistani drama watch it only on Urdu 1 and you can also watch it on Pakistani Drama.


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