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Jhoot is new Pakistani drama serial aired on HUM TV channel it replacing the drama serial Maan. Pakistani Drama serial Jhoot aired 13th May 2016 in HUM TV. Jhoot drama serial represent the strong story about a women contrary, while drama characters perform their role very well. As we all know that HUM TV channel always on the top to present some true, strong and unique stories in from of viewers and show on the small screen.

That is the reason why peoples like and recommend to watch HUM TV channel, that is the success of the channel and people show their love. Jhoot has also strong and powerful characters in this drama serial. The famous drama serial that telecast on HUM TV are Mann Mayal, Udaari, Khatputli, Khwab Saraye and many more.

There are many super stars who perform different roles in this drama serial Jhoot, main role are Bushra Ansari, Imran Ashraf, Kamran Jeelani and Mansha Pasha. These are the main characters that you will see in this drama serial Jhoot and they will entertain you with their characters and acting.

Jhoot Review


  • Bushra Ansari
  • Imran Ashraf
  • Kamran Jeelani
  • Mansha Pasha
  • Mira Sethi
  • Akbar Islam
  • Nargis Rasheed
  • Aisha Khan
  • Shaista Jaheen
  • Anwar Iqbal
  • Awais Waseer
  • Fouzia Mushtaq
  • Humaira Bano
  • Rimsha Akmal
  • Farha Awan Other’s

Writer:             Reema Ali Syed

Director:         Syed Ahmed Kamran

Producer:       Momal Entertainment

OST:                 Jhoot – Sung by Raheel Fayyaz & Bina Khan

Jhoot Original SoundTrack:


Jhoot Drama Complete Review:

First we will discuss with you the character of this drama serial Bushra Ansari as Saleha, Imran as Jamal, Kamran as Waqar, Mansha as Zara, Mira as Sadaf, Akbar as Junaid, Margis as Jamal’s mother, Aisha as Jamal’s sister, Shaista Jaheen as Sadaf’s mother, Anwar as Farooq, Awais as Sadaf’s brother,Fouzia Mushtaq as Saleha’s relative and Humaira as Amna.

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These are the main characters and their role in this drama serial Jhoot while other perform different role in this drama serial. Now come to the point, the story of Jhoot, this story is focus on the main character saleha whose life is hard-headed person.

She has one daughter Zara and son Waqar, the age of Waqar is 40 and Zara turned into 37. Saleha’s husband lives in abroad and Saleha has one brother and sister, both have one daughter each Farha from Saleha sister and Maryam from Saleha brother.

Zara is a innocent and beautiful girl while Saleha friend Rasheeda is trying to suggest boys for Zara but Saleha reject her. On the other side, Sadaf fall in love with handsome and good looking guy Waqar and also Waqar loves to Sadaf and they want to get married.

One day her mother caught them when both are together and Waqar hold Sadaf hand in his hand, Saleha shock after see them. When Waqar come to home and talk to his mother, his mother was crying and very upset about Waqar. He said that he would do what you said; I cannot see you upset like that.

She decided that she will engage her son with her sister daughter Farha. When Sadaf know about that she become sad and broke up with Waqar. After all of the Farooq(Saleha Husband) sister’s come to Saleha home for Zara alliance but she denied and insult them they felt very sad after this reaction.

While Waqar was talking to his Fiance Farha on Phone but Saleha caught him. She becomes angry on Waqar and also on Farha. She said that this is not good time to talk each other before marriage.

So that’s the main theme and story of this drama serial for more explanation you have to unfold this drama serial when you watch it live here.


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