Jeeto Pakistan Live Show Schedule, Segments, Timing, Passes 2016

No doubt Jeeto Pakistan is one of the biggest live games show in the Pakistan and also successful TV Show nowadays. Jeeto Pakistan, Pakistan Biggest games show which is full of games, segments, and question answers, fun, nonstop entertainment and prize distribution among peoples. All games and segments conducted in front of audience and telecast this show live on air only on one of the best Television Channel ARY Digital.

No one go home empty hand, everyone get reward and took participate in different games and competition and get prize, gift hampers or other product. Another feature of this show is about winning prizes through Live Phone calls, which is for those participants who join in Jeeto Pakistan through Live Phone Calls. Actually the main theme of Jeeto Pakistan show is that, we should spread happiness all around us and make our society happier and blessed.

Jeeto Pakistan

Jeeto Pakistan Live Game Show | Schedule | Segments | Passes 2017:

Overview of Jeeto Pakistan:

Jeeto Pakistan is one of the best live game show now days in Television industry, the first episode of Jeeto Pakistan aired on 18th of May 2016 at Pakistan most watchable channel ARY Digital channel. Geo Entertainment start show Inaam Ghar and it broke the record of viewership and become most popular in Pakistan and get a height of success.

Than ARY start a new show with the name of Jeeto Pakistan and set the slogan of this show Sab Lay jao, which was quite interesting. Now ARY is ready to beat Geo in rating and TRP with the host Fahad Mustafa who has huge fan fowling.  So now we can say that ARY somehow successful in this show and it becomes popular among people and that show is full of audience members who come from different cities.

JP Sab Lay Jao

Jeeto Pakistan Host Name:

  • Fahad Mustaf

No need to create suspense for Host name of Jeeto Pakistan, The charming, dashing and the energetic Fahad Mustafa. Fahad Mustafa one of the best actor in the industry of Pakistan, He has full of energy and handsome guy who host one of the best TV live game show Jeeto Pakistan.

Jeeto Pakistan Director:

  • Obaid Khan

Jeeto Pakistan Segments ںames:

Handi Charhao Inam Pakao:

As above mention, we can understand about this segment with the name easily. In Jeeto Pakistan this is segment one in which A cooking competition held among random audience members. Select random members from the audience, who have to create anything in cooking like tasty dish or tasty treat within a given limited time. After completing the task, the judge takes the decision that is winner and selection of the judge from audience themselves. Selected winner award by a prize of gift hampers.

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Jeet Kai Dikhao:

Another segment in Jeeto Pakistan is Jeet kai dikhao. That is quite interesting and full of fun and entertainment. Different games are played by audience members and they try their best to complete the given task for prizes, and gifts. At the end of this segment, everyone goes happily.

Bigul Bajao Inaam Pao:

That segment is the best segment of the audience, in this segment audience get maximum prizes from the hand of Fahad Mustafa. When the sound of Big played, the audience becomes more excited and Fahad Mustafa goes into the Live audience and starts Question Answer from the audience, at every answer Fahad Mustafa give a gift hamper in the Live audience.

Khul Gai Qismat:

This segment is based on pure luck; if you have lucky you can win many things from this segments. There is no Question Answer, No games, No Task, no competition. Fahad Mustafa draws a two Copan from the box and calls that Copan no. with their family, and play the game with them, they select any of number from the box in front of them and win prizes from it like(Car, Bike, Washing Machine, Iron) etc etc.

Dil walay Inaam Lajaingay:

We can understand the main theme of this segment, a competition between newly married couples in various games in this show, winner get final prize.

Car Bachao Ghar Lai Jao:

This segment is based on Question Answer from the audience members. One lucky member of the audience has a chance to win a car in this segment.

Sahulat Bazar:

In a Sahulat Bazar segment, Fahad Mustafa distributes different gift hampers, vouchers, and brand new collection of suites to audience members randomly.

Celebrity Guest:

In this segment celebrity guest come and join the team of Jeeto Pakistan and he/she becomes the part of the show and entertain from this show. Also, he/she interact with audience members and host.

Baat Banti Hai:

We can say that this is a Gold segment. Gold Gold and Gold in every box with a twist. A lucky member selects from audience members and he/she has to paly this segment for gold. If he/she able to guess the correct quality of the box that he/she selected and satisfy Fahad Mustafa than he/she win gold and become richer.

Nanny Ustad:

This is child segment that’s way its call as Nanny Ustad Segment. In this segment select smart and small kids for fun, enjoyment and shows different talent and win prizes.

Fakhar-e Pakistan:

Fakhar-e Pakistan is one of the best segment in Jeeto Pakistan show, in this segment they call those personalities and individual who have become a legend, source, and pride for the country Pakistan. And they promote their country make proud for us.

Abhi toh Mein Jawan Ho:

This is quite interesting and funny segment of this show, in this segment randomly select an elder couple from the audience members and give them a different task to show their love is still strong at this age, tell a romantic story or romantic song for a partner.

How to Register in Jeeto Pakistan & How to Get Passes 2017:

There is an easy method to participate in this show or get passes to this show. You can register yourself with an easy method.

  • Call at 111-279-111 or message with
  • Name, CNIC number, Contact no. on 0337-0359-527.

Schedule & Timing:

Watch Pakistani live gaming show Jeeto Pakistan every day in Ramzan Special at 07:45PM only on ARY Digital channel. If any case you have missed any episode of this show you can visit our site Pakistani Drama HD and watch all the latest and new updates of this show and entertain from it.


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