Izn-e-Rukhsat Episode 2 Full HD Geo TV 18 July 2016

Izn-e-Rukhsat Episode 2 arises on 18th of July. Watch Izn-e-Rukhsat Episode 2 in HD on here. Izn-e-Rukhsat is the latest drama serial aired on Geo TV channel. The drama got the attraction of the viewers and become very popular. You can watch all episodes of Pakistani Drama Serial Izn-e-Rukhsat in HD here.

In the previous episode you watch firstly Sundas looking very happy with her life. Haider’s mother proposed her for Haider. In the end of previous episode you watch that Sundas parent are separated for fifteen years. She misses her father every moment.

Izn-e-Rukhsat Episode 2 Full HD:

Izn-e-Rukhsat Episode 2

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In Izn-e-Rukhsat Episode 2 firstly you watch the rode behavior of Sundas with her mother. She asks to give him her father. Her mother is very much worried about Sundas. Her mother shares her behavior with her uncle Daniyal. He says don’t worry he will talks to her, she will be fine soon.

Haider’s mother calls Sundas mother and showing her interest in Sundas. Here Sundas mother comes to know that she is hiding the reality that her parents are separated. To know what happened next, watch Izn-e-Rukhsat episode 2 Online here.


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