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Izn-e-Rukhsat is new Pakistani Drama serial aired on Geo TV channel. Pakistani Drama serial Izn-e-Rukhsat aired 11th July 2016 in Geo TV. Izn-e-Rukhsat drama serial represent the strong story about a family contrary, while drama characters perform their role very well. As we all know that Geo TV channel always on the top to present some true, strong and unique stories in from of viewers and show on the small screen.

The writer of this Pakistani Drama Serial Izn-e-Rukhsat Maha Malik is a writer of true and heart touching stories. She wrote many dramas and novel. She is famous in all age of viewers for her hearth touching stories. Also the production the 7th star entertainment is famous for their quality production. The director of the Pakistani Drama Serial Izn-e-Rukhsat Ahmad Kamran is also famous for quality of Direction.

That is the reason why peoples like and recommend to watch Geo channel, that is the success of the channel and people show their love. Izn-e-Rukhsat has also strong and powerful characters in this drama serial. The famous drama serial that telecast on Geo TV are Noor Jahan, Sila Aur Jannat and many more.

Izn-e- Rukhsat Review


  • Faisal Rehman
  • Sabreen Isfahani
  • Sonia Mishal
  • Shehzad Sheikh
  • Ghulam Mohiuddin
  • Ayeza Khan

Writer: Maha Malik

Production: 7th Sky Entertainment

Director: Ahmad Kamran

OST: Fakhir

Izn-e-Rukhsat Drama Complete Review:

There are many super stars performing their roles in this Pakistani Drama Serial Izn-e-Rukhsat. The main characters of this Pakistani Drama Serial are Faisal Rehman, Sabreen Isfahani, Sonia Mishal, Shehzad Sheikh and Ghulam Mohiuddin. These are the characters that will entertain you in this Pakistani Drama Serial Izn-e-Rukhsat.

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Izn-e-Rukhsat is actually the story of broken family in Pakistan. The writer trying to expose those factors, that what effects will affect the children life if they live in a broken family. Every child has his/her own nature some are very active they are very strong to face all the problems of life, where some are innocent they live the life their parents giving to them, some are very sensible and even a very small thing or act have a very bad effect on their life.

The story of Pakistani Drama Serial Izn-e-Rukhsat is actually creating the same scenarios. One side the writer shows a family of Sundas who lived in a family where there parents are separated due to some reason. She lived with her mother in her grandfather house. Other side shows a family Haider who lived with his mother and his father is passed away in his childhood. Another family is also shown in the drama the Shayan’s family. He is very happy in his life. He lived with his parent mother and father and enjoys the blessing of Almighty Allah.

Firstly in the Pakistani Drama Serial Izn-e-Rukhsat a girl is shown named as Sundas. She is looking very innocent and very sensitive nature girl. She talks to her friends about her family. She shows her love for her father. She said she is very lucky so that she has such parent. But the reality is totally opposite to that. As mentioned above her parent was separated for fifteen years. This separation has a very bad effect on Sundas.

On the other side Haider is class fellow of Sundas. He is interested in Sundas. He lived with his mother after his father death. He shares his emotions for Sundas with his mother. He is also very pleased for his life but he always misses his father.

The Shayan’s family is very pleased with their living style. They enjoy every moment of their life. Everyone is respecting the other.


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