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Intezaar Episode 8 – Here is the latest episode of Intezaar drama serial aired on Aplus Entertainment channel. Intezaar Episode 8 is most watchable drama serial on Television channel. Intezaar has a strong characters and most powerful actors who are working in this drama serial very well. One of the most leading actors who perform her acting very well, she is Sana Javed a very talented girl in this drama serial intezaar. Intezaar drama serial with one of the best OST track and most favorite among people.

Intezaar Episode 8

Intezaar Episode 8 | Drama story:

In the previous Episode 7, you have seen that Sharik’s mother call to Sharik and she said that she want to talk you very important discussion you should come home. But Sharik says that i am busy in some important work i can come after some days, now in Intezaar Episode 8, you will see what happen next.

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In this episode Zoya become very ill and Sharik get her to hospital and doctor said that everything is fine you have to take care her and take her medicine on time, But when they come to home Sharik’s mother were there and she opens the door and when she saw them she become very angry on Sharik. Well after some discussion with mother he told all the story about Zoya. And he said that she has no more condition to face any pain so she is living in this house.

After all of that his mother realize that Sharik has feeling about Zoya, and Sharik tells her mother about his feeling about Zoyda and he says i love her, she is important for me.

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