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Intezaar Episode 10 – Here we come with the most awaited drama serial episode Intezaar episode 10, Watch all the latest episode and drama serial, Watch Intezaar Episode 10 full in HD online here. Intezaar is a drama serial aired on Aplus channel which is now become most popular drama serial among people, the reason behind that actors and story of this drama serial. Yes! i am right this drama serial has a such great romantic drama serial story and all the actors are perform acting very well and take┬áthis drama serial at high level.

Intezaar Episode 10

Intezaar Episode 10 – Drama Story:

In the previous episode 9 , you have seen that Saba parents call to sharik mother and ask about sharik point of view and after that Sharik mother become angry on Sharik and she said that you have to get marriage and you should think about your self. Why you are going to mad on Zoya, you should start your own life, i can’t see you like that.

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In this episode 10, Saba parents goes to doctor and ask her about Saba’s life, she reply that you get marry with that guy who is older then her and she has feeling about sharik like brother. With this marriage she can not control her self. Her parent reply that we have no more option, Sharik is a childhood friend both can understand very well. Her parent are worry about Saba life, they want to see happy on every condition, Saba father said to Sharik, only you are the hope for us and saba’s life.

For more story and detail you have to watch Intezaar drama serial online her in HD.


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