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Hasratein is pure Pakistani Drama serial which is based on two families. Sumbal is playing the role of Arzo and Affan Waheed is playing the role of Salman. Azeeqa is playing the role of Tania and semi pasha is playing the role of Tania mother. Shehryar Zaidi is the playing the role of Tania father. Faheem Abbas are playing the role of shehroz and he is cousin of Tania. Minal khan is playing the role of Maham and small sister of Arzo in this Pakistani drama serial Hasratein. This Pakistani Drama serial Hasratein contain the story of two classes that are living in our societies. One from Elite class people and other are from middle class family. Arzo and Maham are from middle class families.



  • Sumbal Shahid
  • Affan Waheed
  • Azeeqa Daniyal
  • Seemi Pasha
  • Shehryar Zaidi
  • Faheem Abbas
  • Minal Khan
  • Humera Bano
  • Hina Rizwi
  • Majida Hameed

Director:              Roomi Shah

Writer:                 Sadia Akhter

OST:                       Faiza Mujahid

Hasratein – An Overview:

Salman is the cousin of Arzo and Maham. Salman has also engaged with Arzo and they also love each other. Arzo is very selfish girl in her family. Salman mother did not like Arzo attitude internally.

The Second Family of Hasratein Drama Serial is from Elite class. Tania belongs to that family. Her Father is a business man and her mother starts a social Engio. Tania and Arzo are very good friends in university. Tania did not know the relationship between Salman and Arzo. Tania was facing a disease that is very horrible and her parents always take care of her. She was one and only daughter of her parents. One day Tania accidently met with Salman and she fall in love with him. He did not notice her reaction with him. Tania did not cured because her disease was not treated by any doctor. He could die anytime. Doctors said that she has no more time and you should try to give happiness at every time.

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One day Tania come Arzo home with Salman and she feels that Tania loves him. After few days Tania said to Arzo that she wants to marry with Salman. Arzo feels very happy because she knows that Tania will die after some days and all property will be named to Salman and after that they will marry. First Arzo told to Salman and Salman totally disagree with Arzo plan. After that Arzo went to Salman mother and she totally agreed with her. Salman mother insist her son to marry with Tania because was also a greedy woman. After the emotional blackmailing of his mother Salman agreed to marry with Tania. Tania parents were also very happy with her. Arzo parents were very sad that their niece is very selfish because they did not know the strategy of their daughter.

After some days they got married and Salman did not take care of her. Tania parents notice that he did not care of his wife. One day they called to him and told their daughter serious situation and they were very sad about her. Then twist came in this Pakistani Drama Serial. Salman fall in love with Tania and he totally take care her. Arzo feels that Salman is going out of that plan and Arzo was pressurized by her parents to marry and she denies every time. After some days she was agreed to marry with Tania cousin Shehroz and he was also a business man. To know what will happen next in this Pakistani drama serial you should watch full drama episodes on our site.


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