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This Pakistani drama, Dil Tery Naam is a story of two families or we can say three families. The leading role of this Pakistani Drama serial contains Adnan Siddique as Khayam, Anam Fyyaz as Minahil and Noor Hassan as Meekal. Minahil is a orphan girl who lives with their chacha, chachi (Uncle, Aunty). Neelam is the cousin of Minahil. Minahil and Neelam lives like sisters with each other. In Dil Tery Naam Minahil loves with colors and reading books and she talks less with anyone. But neelam is very opposite to minahil. She loves to have fun at every time and she also teas Minahil while she was reading books.

Dil Tery Naam


  • Adnan Siddiqui as
  • Anam Fayyaz as
  • Noor Hassan as
  • Sami Raheel
  • Hasim Butt
  • Ayesha Toor
  • Birjees Farooqi
  • Kainat
  • Zaffar Mehmood
  • Muthira Awan
  • Maaz Shamshad
  • Farzana
  • Saeed
  • Shakeel
  • Shamim Hilaly

Director: Misbah Khalid

Writer: Hassan Ali

Dil Tery Naam Review:

In Dil Tery NaamNeelam Father is a job holder in a firm and doing very well their house bears. While Neelam mother is housewife and a religious woman. She always takes care girls and very optimistic about girls. She also loves Minahil like her daughter neelam. And one thing that is very important in this Pakistani drama serial is that Minahil is leading female heroin.

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Other part of the Pakistani drama serial contains a Khayam as first leading male hero. He is very boring person and also owner of a big company. This drama made in Karachi city. Khayam hates to rain because of their parents’ unsuccessful marriage life. His age is also old. He did not marry anyone. Khayam thinks that marriage will make no change in his life. His parents are also not in this world they died before years. Khayam lives with his sister and her husband. His sister is old from khayam. They also love very much. They never feel him alone. His sister wants  that khayam should marry and lives a happily life.

The third part of that Pakistani drama serial contains Meekal who has done engineering from United States. He is also son of Minhali uncle friend. He come Karachi to do a solar project from us. He lives in Minahil study room because of lack of rooms. He is very open minded boy.

The story begins from Minahil studding book and Neelam her cusion snacthes her book and try to tease her and she wants that Minahil talk to her father to go for a picnic because of raining. Neelam mother did not agree to go outside the home with girls. She did not allow girls to outside the home. At last she agreed to go a farmhouse for picnic. And finally they go for picnic and they met with Khayam farmhouse because that farmhouse was closed because of wrong keys. Khayam insists him to visit his farmhouse for picnic and they agreed. Neelam father and mother met with Khayam family. They enjoyed very well and girls visit the whole farmhouse with khayam. Khayam sister got very amazed to see minahil because of her simplicity and beauty and also talking style. She talks to khayam about minahil and he said that he will talk later about this matter. Khayam also like her and he thought about Minahil. But Minahil did not like him because she not likes boring person.

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