Dil E Beqarar Episode 1 Full HUM TV Drama 13 April 2016

Dil e Beqarar Episode 1 – Get all latest episodes of Pakistani Drama serial Dil e Beqarar online here. Watch latest Dil e Beqarar episode 1 full in HD quality here. The story of this drama based on Traditional concept of family issues for money and property. Watch latest episode 1 full in HD quality here.

Dil e Beqarar aired on Pakistani famous channel HUM TV which is famous for its strong script and interesting stories. As we know that a good story forms a backbone of drama serial. Watch more drama serial go to HUM TV channel now.

Dil e Beqarar Episode 1

Dil e Beqarar Episode 1 Full in HD:

In the start of drama serial Dil-e-Beqarar, camera is focused on Beautiful actess Hareem Farooq who is performing a lead role in drama Dil-e-Barbad as Fareeda. Story of this drama is some sort of love story. It’s a story of Handsome Junaid Khan as Mudasir and gorgeous Hareem Farooq as Fareeda.

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Fareeda and Mudasir are first cousins and love each other and want to marry. Freeda meets Mudasir after college timing secretly. Because, both families have some property issues with each other so, both families don’t have good relation. Mudasir is the son of Javed who is elder brother of Freeda’s father (Abbbas). In this episode, Abbas family is engage in the preparation of Suhail’s marriage.

Suhail is only son of Abbas. Abbas is getting married to Shehla who belongs to very rich family. Shehla gives the proposal of Naveed for Fareeda . Fareeda’s family accept this proposal because Naveed is Khala Zad cousin of Shehla and belongs to a well off family. Shehla and Mudassir are so worried from this decision of Fareeda’s family. They know that their families will not accept their relation so, they think that they have only one choice.

They decided to do Nikkah secretly because they cannot live without one another. Mudasir tells to Fareeda that they will do Nikkah on the Barrat of Suhail and she will meet him on the decided place but she cannot reach this place due to his father’s sudden illness.


If you want to know that what will be the next in Dil e Beqarar then Keep watching Pakistani Drama Serial Dil e Beqarar every Wednesday at 08:00PM only on HUM TV. If any case, you have missed any episode of Dil e Beqarar don’t worry about that you can watch all episodes of Dil e Barbad online here.

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