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Here is another new drama serial, HUM TV present new Drama serial Dhadkan. Dhadkan is a new drama serial aired on Pakistani famous Television channel HUM TV started from 3rd june 2016. The story of this drama serial is look like a nice and new model has a main actress in this drama serial and she performs a main role in this drama serial. She look beautiful and has a strong character herself, while she perform a main role in this drama serial very well and her acting is also good.

She is busy in her life and want to send her life with own rules and happily but she has limitation she has to do work on proper time and also has to take medicine on time. There is suspense in this drama serial we will discuss it later. The director of this drama serial is Fahim Bureny and writer of Dhadkan is Edison Idress a famous writer. The Story of this drama serial is based on love and romance.

Dhadkan Review


  • Adeel Asghar
  • Ghana Tahir
  • Anjum Habibi
  • Anas Ali Imran
  • Javed Sheikh
  • Mirza Rizwan Nabi
  • Umer Farooq
  • Hanif Muhammad Ismaeel Sakina Khalid
  • Kulsoom Malik
  • Farha Nadeem
  • Waseem Abbas
  • Ali Shameen
  • Zara Noor Abbas

Writer:             Fahim Bureny

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Director:         Edison Idrees

Dhadkan an Overview:

The story of this drama serial Dhadkan start with charming and beautiful girl, A girl who want to spend her life happily, without tension, without taking medicine and with own rules. But she is not normal she cannot full her wishes, she cannot spend her life with own way. Yes! There is a huge reason behind that; the reason is she has a hole in heart. She is always thinking about her life and after life if when she die, what will be happened?

Her parents talk about her life and they become sad and but Arian listen all conversation between her parents, she come and say to her parents don’t worry at all, I’m fine and I can do everything like other normal girls, I have no neglect about my life so relax. After taking breakfast they go to Hospital for her test. Doctor says her parent you have to take care of your daughter so much. Areen and Zaran is the main character in this drama serial who perform main role in it. Zaran fall in love with Areen and he see her on the concert.

While on the other side Zaran meet her and try to make friendship with Areen and Areen accept his friendship but when she know that Zaran is a flirty then she angry on him. Zaran father want Zaran engagement with Shehr Bano. For more detail and story you have to watch Dhadkan Drama serial only on HUM TV.


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