Dhaani Episode 3 Full HD 26th July 2016 on Geo TV

Dhaani Episode 3 is available here. Now you can watch online streaming of this Pakistani drama serial Dhaani Episode 3 on our site. Previous episode was consisting of introduction of all characters in this Pakistani drama serial. Raja was arrested by police because he beats two boys horribly. These boys misbehave with Dhaani and Shaani on the return from their college.

Dhaani Episode 3

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Dhaani Episode 3 Full HD 26th July 2016 on Geo TV:

Dhaani Episode 3 starts from Basant party of Seth Rehan on old Haveli and Sheikh Kaleem was managing all party with Raja. Raja was very happy because it is the occasion where his kites are purchased well and also he enjoys with foreign girls. Raja was enjoying with Maya who was not enjoying with raja she was feeling comfort with Sameer. Dhaani was also flying the kites in their roof with Shaani. Dhaani was continuously cutting the kites of Maya and then Sameer cut the kite of Dhaani. On that spot Seth Rehan and Maya father decided that Rehan will be fought next election from the Lahore city.
On the other hand Dhaani and Shaani requested to their Be G that they need internet for their studies and she has to be talk with their father. She talks to her brother for internet and he denied having internet. His opinion is that internet is not good for new generation and it is the cause of destruction of our new generation. He said if you have to any work on internet Raja will take you to the internet café and make notes. To know the full story of this Pakistani drama serial stay connected with us.


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