Dhaani Episode 2 Review on Geo TV Full HD 19th July 2016

Dhaani Episode 2 Review is now available here. Now you can also watch online streaming of Dhaani Episode 2 here. In Dhaani Episode 2 Review will discuss complete story of this episode. This episode starts from the entrees of Sameer who is the big son of Seth Rehan and big brother of Tanveer. He arrives from his private jet where his friends are waiting to the ride of bike.

Dhaani Episode 2 Review

Dhaani Episode 2 Review on Geo TV Full HD 19th July 2016:

Dhaani Episode 2 Review is now available here. Seth Rehan decided for a Basant party in his old Haveli. Raja was very excited because he also enjoys that party. He likes foreign girls that are the guests of Seth Rehan. On the other way his kites are purchased more than other party. Dhaani is very keen to fly kites Raja always giver her kites. Raja is very strict to other in the situation of Dhaani because he loves her but did not tell her. It was the first day in the college for Dhaani and Shaani. Raja firstly check the rikhsaw driver fully and then approved him and they both sat for college.

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There is a person whose name is Babu who is alcohol addict and always stays in the state of drunk. Some boys were teasing to Dhaani and then she started to beat them and they ran away with the help of Babu. Raja was very angry because of these boys. On the other hand Sameer was a broad minded rich boy who always wants to go parties and night clubs. His parents also allow him because he has just finished his study from the abroad. To know the full story of this dramas serial stay tuned with us.


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