Dhaani Drama Review-Title Song-Cast name & Timing on Geo TV

Dhaani is new Pakistani drama serial which is aired on Geo TV. Dhaani is now available here. Now you can watch online streaming and written description of this Pakistani drama serial on our site. It is a very beautiful drama which based on Pakistani famous and historical city Lahore. Dhaani is the name of this drama heroine Madiha Imam is playing the role of Dhaani very perfectly and beautifully.

Dhaani Review

Dhaani Drama Review-Title Song-Cast name & Timing on Geo TV:

Dhaani belongs to a middle class family and the daughter of Sheikh Kaleem whose role is playing by Pakistani famous and senior actor Tauqeer Nasir. Sheikh Kaleem is a very strict person who have two daughters and one sister who is a widow woman. Azra Aftab is playing the role of Be G in this Pakistani drama serial. She has one son whose name is Raja and he is very idol boy who never loves study only loves with flying kites.


  • Sami Khan
  • Madiha Imam
  • Azra Aftab
  • Tauqeer Ahmed Nasir
  • Mubarak Ali
  • Bilal
  • Kamran Mujahid
  • Mohsin
  • Shanzey Mirza
  • Ayesha Sana
  • Asad Malik

Director: Ali Faizan

Producer: Babar Javed

Writer: Hashim Nadeem

OST By: Zamad Baig

Dhaani drama has very beautiful title song which is sung by Zamad Baig. Zamad Baig is first Pakistani idol winner. He has a magical voice and resemblance to great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He has a title of Mini Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, that’s why this title song is chosen from the Nusrat Fateh Ali khan whose Lyrics are “Ap bhety hain balan py meri mout ka zor chalta ni hy”. It is beautiful direction of Ali Faizan who is renowned director of Pakistani drama industry.

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This beautiful drama is produced by Babar Javed and story writer is Hashim Nadeem. The drama starts from the Fajar Azan in Lahore city. Then it goes to Sheikh Kaleem home where Be G was trying to wake the Dhaani and Shaani. But when they hear their father voice they both suddenly wake up for the Fajar Prayer. Their Aunt’s loves them very much more than her son Raja. Sheikh Kaleem is very respected and strict person. He is working on Seth Rehan who is a very big business tycoon of city. Asad Malik is playing the role of Seth Rehan and Ayesha Sana is playing the role of his wife. Bilal is playing the role of Tanveer who is younger son of Seth Rehan.

Dhaani Promo:

Sami Khan is playing the role of Sammer who is elder son of Seth Rehan who is unmarried while his younger brother Tanveer is married. Sammer is playing the role of male hero with Dhaani. Sammer is an open minded boy who enjoys the late night functions and making more friends. He has a private jet. He has a friend whose name is Maya who is daughter of a big politician. Dhaani and Sameer met in an old Haveli of Seth Rehan whose care taker is Sheikh Kaleem. Sameer likes her very much but as a friend but Dhaani understand that he loves me. On the other hand Raja loves Dhaani but Dhaani loves with Sammer. What will happen next? Will Dhaani and Sammer marry or not? Will Raja marry with Dhaani? To know the complete story of this Pakistani drama serial stay tuned with us.


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