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Bheegi Palkein is a new Drama aired on supernova TV channel A-plus. Bheegi Palkein is written by Nuzhat Saman and Mansoor Ahmed Khan and its OST is produced and sung by Ahsan Pervais Mehdi. Its director is Furqan Khan who is famous for his famous production “tum sy mil k”, “adhuri aurat” and “Mumkin” which are such a big hits.

Faisal Qureshi and Ushna Shah are staring in this Serial. These two stars have already appeared together in famous Drama  Bashar Momin now they are again here in the lead role to mesmerize audience. Affan Waheed a talented and rising TV star also makes a cameo appearance.

bheegi palkein


  • Faisal Qureshi
  • Ushna Shah
  • Shamin Hilali
  • Affan Waheed
  • Faryal Mehmood
  • Ismat Zaidi

Writer:  Nuzhat Saman &Mansoor Ahmed Khan

Director: Furqan Khan

Production: A-Plus

Bheegi Palkein An Overview:

Bheegi Palkain is the main story of beautiful girl Meherbano (Ushna Shah) whose life became miserable after her young husband’s (Affan Waheed) death in an accident. Meherbano who was already center of attention and was very attractive, leads over her sister- in- law Fareeha who was already jealous of her and this jealousy increases when she was rejected by Bilal because he developed liking for Meherbano instead of Freeha. Freeha tried her best to immortalize Meherbano’s character in front of others but all in vain.

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Fareeha was engaged to Hassan (Faisal Qureshi) since childhood but she doesn’t like him. When Hassan’s family comes for condolence of Umer’s (Affan Waheed) death, they meet each other after a long time and Fareeha realize that he is now a very groomed personality. The actual story starts when Hassan develop a soft corner for Meherbano who is widow of Affan Wheed, because her character have everything like beauty, softness, morality to become attractive for anyone. Fareeha doesn’t bear Hassan’s developing feeling toward Meherbano and want to own Hassan at any cost, for this she played dirty games to show her bad character in front of Him. She creates bitter situations for Meherbano due to which she left home. Hassan bring her with him to Multan, but Fareeha doesn’t stop and because of her planning Hassan’s mother died and Hassan think that Meherbano is murdering culprit of his mother. Meherbano couldn’t bear this shock and totally losses her mind and now she is in the mental hospital and Hassan married to Fareeha.

Fareeha got what she wants but she couldn’t hide regret of death of Hassan’s mother. Fareeha’s mother advises her to stay calm and not to discuss her regret to Hassan but she is in depression that makes Hassan worried.

On other side Meherbano is now fine and feelling good in the company of her docter Raza who is married and his wife is in coma because of which he is very sad. Raza have a soft corner for Meherbano which appear to his father in law who is very nice man and want to see his son in law happy. He advises him to marry Meherbano. Now Raza is in complicated situation.


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